MLB: Is Morgan From Love & Hip Hop a Madam & Was Matt Kemp Her Client?!

Earlier I blogged about the drama between Princess Love and Morgan Hardman from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.  The two blasted each other on Instagram and Princess Love made claims that Morgan is really a madam not a personal assistant.  I remember watching the show and Morgan briefly mentioned finagling women for the men she worked for but she passed it off as part of her PA duties.  Anyways one of the women linked to Morgan is none other than V. Stiviano, the “right hand” of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the woman suspected of leaking his racist tapes.  Well Princess Love claims that Morgan leaked the tapes and V. Stiviano backed her claims.  Princess also said that Morgan prostitutes her friends which got me thinking…

(Photos) NBA: WOW Was This Love & Hip Hop Star The Real Person Behind The Donald Sterling Leak?!

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast has already proven themselves to be quite a messy bunch which I’m sure is helping in the ratings department.  The latest cast members to clash are Princess Love (the ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather & Ray J) and Morgan Hardman (Ray J’s former assistant).  The two went at it on Instagram airing each other’s business when one tidbit slightly flew under the radar.

(Audio)NBA: SMH, Donald Sterling’s Wife Shelly Refers To V.Stiviano As “African Black” During 911 Call!

Oh boy, I thought Shelly Sterling claimed she wasn’t racist? Who the hell refers to someone as an “African Black”? Anyway, audio of the 911 call Shelly made when she believed V. Stiviano broke into her home to harass Donald was released and the entire thing just sounds sketchy. She wants police to go but doesn’t want them to try and call Donald. Shelly herself is in France and called 911 after her gardener noticed Stiviano going into the home and called Shelly. And it doesn’t seem like Stiviano was there to harass Donald at all, not since they were found in the bedroom.

NBA: Cops Called After Donald Sterling Caught With V. Stiviano at Home Today

Geez-us, why are these people still making the news/blogs?! Do you guys really still care what’s happening in the personal lives of Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano?!  Well if you are, this is for you. Earlier today Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano reunited at his Beverly Hills mansion and guess who was upset when she found out — then called the cops & tried to get V. arrested?!?!  Yea, please — all 3 of them need to go away, Lol. Hit the jump for the report…

NBA: V. Stiviano Claims Donald Sterling Is Gay In A New Lawsuit

We thought we’ve heard it all from Stiviano who’s currently locked in a heated lawsuit battle with Shelly Sterling, but it appears we haven’t. In response to Sterling’s lawsuit, it appears that now Stiviano is claiming that she was only Donald’s “beard”. Hit the jump for details.

(Photos) NBA: WHOA! V. Stiviano Hints She Has a Daughter With Donald Sterling!

It looks like V. Stiviano isn’t done dropping bombshells just yet.  The woman at the source of the leaked Donald Sterling racist tapes, took to her Instagram account to shake things up once again.

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