(Video) A Bee Can Make You HIV-Free?????

Washington University in St. Louis conducted a study that has produced a new, interesting discovery. Find out what all the buzz is about after the jump.

New Alcoholism Treatment Gives Alcoholics An Instant Hangover???

A new way to treat alcoholism has emerged in the form of a vaccination.  Scientists have created a vaccine that gives alcoholics an instant hangover as soon as they take a sip of a drink.  Just imagine a hangover a few minutes after consuming one drink while you are out.  Yeah, I would probably stop drinking too. The vaccine lasts for a good amount of time as well, once it is in a person’s body it signals the body to not process or metabolise alcohol for about 6 months to a year.

FDA Gives AIDS Vaccine The Ok!!

A few months ago we reported that researchers were working on a pill that could fight off contracting HIV. A few days ago we reported that scientists were getting closer to reaching the vaccine. Now, it has officially been Ok’d by the FDA! This is a major development and a major milestone in the 30-year AIDS epidemic! Click below for the full story. Melissa Nash

Scientists Close To Reaching Vaccine That May Prevent AIDS!

After all the years and millions given to AIDS research scientists are now saying that a vaccine may be withing reach!  Although they have not been able to come to a conclusion with a specific vaccine they have hope and know it is possible.  Hit the jump to see why it is possible. Steph Bassanini

Researchers Develop Nicotine Vaccine That Works On Rodents

Weill Cornell Medical College researchers have developed a nicotine vaccine that works on rodents! This new vaccine uses a harmless virus to alter liver cells that release a stream of nicotine antibodies. So for anyone looking to quit but can’t seem to do it, you will be able to get vaccinated for it! Click below for more details. Melissa Nash

CDC Backs HPV Vaccine for Boys As Young As 9-Years-Old

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory panel recommended Tuesday routine vaccination of boys ages 11 and 12 with Gardasil, which protects against infection from human papilloma virus. The panel also advised that vaccinations with Gardasil begin in boys as young as 9 years old. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

Two Children Infected With New Swine Flu Strain

It may be time to pull out those swine flu masks, again! Two children have been infected by a new strain of the flu, which spread across the world in 2010. The children have since been treated for the flu and are expected to make a full recovery. Both children received the H1N1 vaccination back in September 2010, but the H1N1 or “swine flu” vaccine does not fight against the new strain H3N2. Read more about the children after the jump. @Julie1205

Universal flu vaccine in the works!

@pknotts19 Researchers hope a new treatment developed in the United Kingdom will prove vital in controlling future flu pandemics such as H1N1 (swine) flu, bird flu as well as ending the need for annual flu jabs. Developed by scientists at Oxford University, the new vaccine works by targeting protein cells inside the influenza A virus, instead of current vaccines that attack proteins on the outside of the flu virus.

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