Woman Who’s Vagina Caught On Fire Says Her Kitty Is Perfectly Fine

Remember the woman who burned her vagina while competing in a dancehall competition? She has now spoken out on her current condition. Fire Gyal Flexi says her vagina is perfectly fine. The plan was for her to apply just a tad bit of alcohol on her vagina, lit it, and then quickly put it out.

(Video) A Woman’s Vagina Catches On Fire During A Dancehall Competition

Things got really fired up during a dancehall competition.. Literally! As a woman was dancing, her vagina caught on fire. Such a tragic sight. I don’t even wanna begin to imagine how that felt.

(Photo) WTF..Man Mutilated Vaginas And Stored Clitorises In The Freezer

What in the hell has gotten into people! A man is being accused of mutilating vaginas and storing the clitorises in his freezer! If thats not sick then I don’t know what is!

(Photo) Woman In A Vagina Mask Hands Out Tampons On The Subway

Yeni Sleidi is taking it upon herself to make people aware of menstruation by posting pro-period ads all over New York and also handing out tampons. In addition, Sleidi is also putting up tampon dispensers around. I mean we all know it exists but why is this so important to her.

(Photos) Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone?

I’ve always heard of ‘Power of the poom poom’, but I don’t think it was ever to actually mean power as in electricity…until now, Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone, kinda.

Amanda Bynes Feels Terrible About Drake/Vagina Comment!

Amanda Bynes has done a complete 180. After a public meltdown that included pissing off the gay community and beefing with Perez Hilton, Bynes had to get some help. Even with the wild n’ crazy Amanda on the back burner, the former child star will go down in history for tweeting what she’d like Drizzy Drake to do to her female body part. MURDER IT! After going to rehab and getting herself back in order, Bynes admits that she feels a little bit mortified about the tweet. Check out Amanda’s feelings, after the jump.

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