(Photos) WHOA! Amanda Bynes Takes Her Attraction For Drake A Little Too Far ?!?!

Listen, I have a crush on a few celebs myself, but damn! Amanda Bynes is taking it to the extreme and she doesn’t care who KNOWS! We informed you once before about some tweets from Amanda and her love for Canadian rapper Drake, but check out what she is posting NOW. It has to do with her vajayjay. YES! Drop down bottom and check it out.

(18+ Video) Woman With The World’s Strongest Vagina?!?

It looks like this lady still got it! A 40 year old mom from Russia has worked out her vagina over 20 years to earn the title of “World’s Strongest Vagina.” She recently showed off her skills on England’s “Body Shocking Show.” She tightens herself around an egg that holds a weight. Take a look at this craziness after the jump.

WOW! This Woman Tries To Kill Her Husband By Doing What ???

Lorena Bobbit don’t have S**T on this woman! The last supper for real. A woman in Brazil had inserted some poison into her p***y, told her husband to perform his husbandly duties orally, but wait…The husband said that things were NOT smelling real right, so he insisted that she go to the hospital. Damn FOUL shame, LoL! After getting checked, doctors found the poison – the wife then confessed. The poison wasn’t working in the food fast enough so, that’s when she put it inside of her – enough to kill the husband and herself. Oh hell, no! That’s why you always suppose to examine FIRST! Drop down bottom for more to find out what the husband is doing in retaliation.

(Video) SMH: WHOA! Homeless Lady Caught Scratching Her Private Parts Yelling For.. Itching Cream?!

Damn.. this is just sick. Long story short: a homeless lady, scratching her area, WHILE she’s on that time of the month — yelling for itching cream. I can’t make this up. See the video after the jump! Biz Baby

(Video) Hilarious: OMG! Conan O’Brien Corrupts A Little Innocent Baby!! “VAGINA!!!”

LOL! Don’t. Let. Your. Kids. Watch. Conan! He will have your kids saying the craziest things. Now I understand why Madonna doesn’t let her kids watch TV, horrible influence! Watch the hilarious vid after the jump! Biz Baby

Fellas Check The NSFW Pics!!! Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Kitty On Stage!!!

The people in the front row of Taylor Momsen’s concert this weekend were treated with an up-close and personal view of Momsen’s “lip slip”! The singer wasn’t wearing any underwear and she let it ALL hang out!! Hit the jump to see the crazy pics!! @DJTech4

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