(Video) Toddler Falls Out Of A Moving Van

A video shows a toddler falling out of a moving van. CRAZY! Report says that the latch on the van loosened. As the traffic light turned green, the door popped open and out went the baby.

(Video) ‘Free Candy’ Van Raise Concerns In Sacramento

In Sacramento, CA, there was a dilapidated van traveling the streets with “Free Candy” painted on the side of the it. Click inside for more details and the video.

A Woman Runs Herself Over And Dies While Parking Her Own Van!

Ana Maria Prieto was trying to park her van but it started to roll after she forgot to use the handbrake. She chased after the vehicle to try and stop it, but the van then went over the wall and crushed her. Read more on the story below!

(Video) Clouds Of Smoke Follow Justin Bieber Getting Out Of Van

This kid has def been on a bad boy tear, and now a days Justin getting out of a van with…not even clouds, but billows of smoke to follow is not unusual. Check it out anyway!

(Photos) Check Out Where This Duke Grad-Student Lived To Avoid Debt!!!

College students can surely relate: debt strikes hard. Unfortunately, it’s often the basis of declaring your major, but Ken Ilgunas didn’t let that stop him. At the end of his undergraduate study at The University of Buffalo he raked in $32,000 worth of student loans. Hit the jump to find out how he paid them all off.

NBA Star Derrick Rose Helping Pay For 6-Month-Old Baby Jonylah Watkins’ Funeral Expenses

I’m so happy to see Derrick Rose helping this family out after such tragedy. 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins was shot 5 times while her father was changing her diaper in the front seat of a van in Chicago. Update of the situation and how Bulls star Derrick Rose is helping after the jump…

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