(Video) Famous Marine Veteran Gets Beaten & Robbed By Black Lives Matter Group In Washington D.C

This is seriously disgusting. This man served our country and kept these people safe and than they turn on him because he’s white? Like all of a sudden he’s your enemy even though he protected your freedom 12 years ago? Violence and ignorance isn’t the answer to achieve peace and equality. Hit the jump.

(Video) Homeless Veteran Beaten To Death With Hammer Dies After Being Wrongly Accused

The homeless veteran from Philadelphia who was beaten and battered into a coma last April for a wrong accusation made by a child, has passed away on Wednesday. The brutal video of the attack and full story after the jump.

100 Year Old Veteran Graduates High School With His Great-Grandson!

See, now this just goes to show, it is never too late to get your education. A 100 year old veteran of World War II has finally gotten his high school diploma, at the same time as his great-grandson. Meanwhile, somewhere there’s a super senior out there ready to drop out because they would rather not do an extra year of school. Such a shame. Read the rest of this inspiring story after the jump!

(Video) U.S. Veteran Finally Released From North Korea!

U.S. veteran, Merrill Newman, was finally released and deported from North Korea. The 85 year old was detained for over a month for allegedly committing hostile acts during the Korean War. North Korean media stated that he was released because he apologized for his crimes and also because of his age/medical condition. After being released, Newman was met by staff from the U.S. Embassy in China. To see news footage of Merrill Newman’s release, click below.

(Caught On Tape) Whoa!! Check Out What Happens When You Try To Rob A War Veteran!!

One would-be robber thought he had an easy one, but that dream was shattered immediately. While working the register, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, who happens to be a former prison guard and private investigator in addition to being a war veteran, was deemed a hero after he thwarted the actions of an armed man. The armed man walked into the store while smoking a cigarette when Alexander asked him to put it out. At that time, the man pulled out his gun and demanded “all the (expletive deleted) money.” The quick thinking clerk then pushed his hand (holding the gun) before pulling out his own, pointing it right into the man’s mouth threatening to “blow his (expletive deleted) head off.” Hit the jump to check out the surveillance footage.

(Video) Man Gets Robbed By Roommates Then Gets Punched By Police?!?

One would hope when you call the police that they would come and protect you, ESPECIALLY if you are a veteran of the army. That’s not what happened when the veteran, who got jumped and robbed by his roommates, call the Vallejo police. In what can only be seen as police brutality, the police took 45 minutes to arrive at the scene and then lays the smackdown on the victim. Check out this terrible video after the jump.

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