(PHOTO) Soccer: David Beckham Gets A New Tattoo in Honor of His Wife

Damn, Victoria is one lucky woman!  Not only is her husband David Beckham handsome, athletic, sweet, etc. (the list could go on and on), but he loves his wife & isn’t afraid to show it. He recently added another tattoo to his collection & got one in her honor.  Check it out & let us know what you think….

(Photos) Whoa! Victoria Beckham Can Do WHAT?!

Damn, girl! Victoria Beckham manages to do what a lot of females can’t! Managing herself in heels that at skinnier than your pinky, as she shopped with her sister in London on Thursday. See her balancing act below!

(Photo) Damn! This Might Be Victoria Beckham’s BEST Asset Of All!

Victoria Beckham is known for her slim, tall figure — but she has another asset that just shines in the picture in the gallery! On Sunday, David Beckham posted a laughing snapshot of his wife Victoria on his Facebook page. Check out how amazing she looks with all smiles on her face in the gallery after the jump!

(Photos) Behind The Scenes Look? This Is What Victoria Beckham Looks Like Without Hair Extensions!

I know hair can make all the difference, but Victoria still looks great no matter what her hair length is! She was spotted behind the scenes all natural and she still looks amazing! Check her out below!

Victoria Beckham Has Pulled Her Kids Out Of School For What!?

This seems a tad selfish, considering Victoria Beckham has pulled her kids out of school not for them, but for her own personal gain. Find out why they’re going back to London from L.A. below. Marisa Mendez

Sports: David Beckham Reportedly Dropping Over $30 Million On Christmas Gift For Wife Victoria

So much for it being a Christmas surprise, not that anything celebrity’s do can be kept a secret anyways.  Soccer star David Beckham is reportedly buying his wife Victoria a super expensive Christmas gift worth over $30 million!  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

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