NFL: Adrian Peterson Wants Vikings To Sign Michael Vick

IFWT_Vick Adrian 3

Wouldn’t this be a force in the NFL?!  Adrian Peterson has voiced his opinion that he wants Michael Vick on the Vikings.  I’d love to see what they can do on the same team!
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NFL: Guess Which Player Was Voted By His Peers As Player They’d Most Like To See In A Super Bowl…


This guy would probably be one of my top picks too. NFL players voted on who they’d most like to see in a Super Bowl who hasn’t been there yet.  Can you guess who they chose?!
Check it out…

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NFL: Vikings LB Erin Henderson Arrested For Drunken Driving (Second Time in 6 Weeks)

IFWT_Henderson 1

C’mon really?!  SMH.  This is beyond ridiculous.  There’s no excuse for even one DUI/DWI, let alone TWO in 6 weeks.  Someone needs to help this guy ASAP. Minnesota Vikings linebacker Erin Henderson was arrested yesterday on suspicion of drunken driving.  Details after the jump…

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Rips Refs & Fans In Twitter Rant

Adrian Peterson

C’mon AP, you gotta know that some fans just take things too far — gotta ignore that ignorance.  Adrian Peterson is mad, real mad. He had some harsh words to describe Ravens fans yesterday & also criticized the officiating.  He took to Twitter after the game to vent.   Check it out…

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Said He Thinks About Playing For WHAT Team?


Vikings fans are scared to death as they read this, lol. They can relax however, at least for now. AP is under contract until 2017 in Minnesota, but we all know star players have a tendency of getting their way when they want it. Peterson is from Texas and admitted he still thinks about playing close to home for the Cowboys! As a Giants fan myself, I never want to see that man with a star on his helmet. Hit the jump to see what he said.

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NFL Reminder: Monday Night Football — Giants vs. Vikings!


Battle of the worst?! Lol. SMH.  Gotta love Monday Night Football!!! As week 7 of the 2013 NFL season comes to a close we have the Giants (0-6) taking on the Vikings (1-4).  Let’s get that first win GMEN!!!
Check out the info & a recap of Sunday’s games after the jump…

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NFL: FOH! The Man Who Allegedly Killed Adrian Peterson’s Son Is Feeling HOW?!

IFWT_Joseph Patterson

Joey Patterson who is accused of killing Adrian Peterson’s son was charged with second degree murder earlier today.  Yesterday his father spoke about Joey and how he’s doing in jail.  I have no sympathy for this guy whatsoever. He’s going to get what’s coming to him.
Check out what his dad had to say…

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Son’s Alleged Killer Officially Charged!! Find Out What He Was Charged With…

IFWT_AP and Joseph Patterson

I hope this guy goes away for life.  He’s going to get what’s coming to him.  Adrian Peterson’s son’s alleged killer has officially been charged.  Details after the jump…

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Misses Practice For Son’s Funeral; Opens Up About Situation & 7 Kids Report

Adrian Peterson

Hopefully after this, people will leave Adrian Peterson alone.  Adrian Peterson missed practice today to attend his son’s funeral in South Dakota.  He finally opened up about his son’s death and also reacted to rumors about how many kids he has.
Report after the jump…

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Was Sued For Unpaid Child Support


I really don’t like doing stories like these, but fans seem to be interested in it.  Why are people still digging?!  Can’t we just leave this guy alone?!  Can we talk about what he’s doing ON THE FIELD?!  No?  SMH.  Ok, hit the jump…

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