Could Meek Mill Be Heading Back To Prison?

Looks like Meek Mill could be in for some bad news this morning. A report by TMZ reveals, the MMG rapper could be on his way back to prison after violating the terms of his probation and traveling outside of Philly with out permission. Meek Mill is facing a judge this morning to for a probation violation hearing, and if his probation is revoked he could be heading right back to prison where he spent several months last year. Although it’s still unclear it seems Meek never cleared his trip to L.A. for the AMAs last month. This story is still developing, we’ll keep you posted…

(Video) Omarion Got Arrested For What?!

Omarion has now been added to the list of MMG artists who’ve gotten locked up recently, with Meek Mill standing right in front of him. Omarion was quickly released though, no worries. Considering he was only arrested for an outstanding traffic ticket. Find out the whole story and watch the video of him leaving the police station after the jump!

Stacey Dash Responds To Kanye Comparing Paparazzi And Rape

The very vocal Stacey Dash has taken to Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ show, to respond to Yeezus’ comparisons about the harassement of Paparazzi being the same as a victim of sexual violation. check out her full response below.

(Photos) Man Detained By The FBI At The Movies Because He Had Google Glass

A man in the Glass Explorer Program posted on the Glass forum user’s have, that he has gone through a horrible event while going to the movies with his wife, and after the speeding ticket that most of America knows about, at least the part of America that knows about Glass, I thought y’all would want to know about this!

Heroin Seized During Traffic Stop Found To Be Labeled ‘Obamacare’

I’m really gonna need the hod to do better, you’re doing Too much here! I understand as long as there are fiends there be ‘that boy'(a street name foe heroin), but to label it after a program ‘our’ President is trying to do to make our country better is just ignorance!!

Could Charlie Sheen Be Going To Prison For Violating A Gag Order???

Brooke Mueller is coming for Charlie Sheen’s throat! Last week, Charlie Sheen made an appearance on TMZ Live, and when it came down to his feelings about baby mother, Brooke Mueller, he held NOTHING back. “Whore, drug addict, and terrible parent,” are only a few descriptors Charlie used for mother of his twins boys. He states that every time the kids go visit their mother, they come back suffering from nightmares and more. Well, we all know lil miss Brooke isn’t taking the words too kindly! Her lawyers have taken it as far as subpoenaing TMZ and ordering them “to preserve the video and audio interviews,” that they did with Charlie. According to Brooke and her attorneys, when Charlie did that interview, he violated a gag order, so if he’d pay for it with jail time, that would work! But will it? The judge did deny her a restraining order against Charlie – THESE TWO! Hit the jump and check out the not so nice words the funny fellow expressed about his kids’ mother.

Meek Mill Gets Into It With His Probation Officer In Open Court !!!

Dreamchaser, Meek Mill has publicly voiced his dislike for his P.O. in the past, and now I understand why. The P.O. put on record that Meek has violated the terms and conditions of his probation by leaving the city of Philadelphia and not informing her on where he’s going. Treas Underwood, the probation officer says that when he does, he fills her in well after he’s showed up to that place. Meek mentions that he doesn’t directly handle his travel plans and the reason that he tells her where he is, after the fact is because he never knows when and where he’s going to be. The MMG rapper adds, “My best thing is to stay traveling.” Wonder why? Drop down bottom to see what else was said in court.

Chris Brown’s Lawyer Provides Proof The D.A. Is LYING!

It’s a heated battle between Team Breezy and the D.A., but Chris is not going down without a fight. No pun intended. Ha! After their court hearing today (because the D.A. said Chris lied about community service, therefore violating the terms of his probation and should be thrown in jail), Chris’ lawyer Mark Geragos filed their response, and says the prosecutors seemed to have conveniently left out major info from their case! Details below.

Uh-Oh….D.A. Says Chris Brown May Have FAKED His Community Service!?

Oh no, it’s not looking too good for Chris Brown right now. Maybe THAT’s why he was tear-eyed last night?! LOL! The L.A. County District Attorney has filed new docs that say Chris violated his probation because he was actually faking some of his community service! Like, he said he was picking up trash in his home state of VA when he was actually on a jet to Cancun! I hope this isn’t true, I’d really hate to see Chris get in more trouble. Get the details on why they’re thinking it’s fake below!

Chief Keef Gets Sentenced! [And Allegedly Cries At The News]

After being taken into custody earlier this week after a hearing for violating his probation in 2012 (by holding a gun in an interview), Chief Keef received his sentence today. “I am a very good-hearted person,” he “tearfully” told the judge before receiving the sentence. “I am sorry for anything that I have done wrong. Give me a chance.” Find out what happened below! Marisa Mendez

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