Explicit Death Photo Of Virginia Shooter Is Being Shopped Around

After murdering two news reporters live on TV while the camera are rolling, it seems like Karma might be kicking in for the now dead Virginia shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan. Apparently while the autopsy report was being conducted, someone snapped a photo of the former reporter. The photo is currently being shopped around to the highest bidder. The photo is allegedly extremely explicit, showing his split-open chest from the gun wounds. TMZ reported that they passed up on purchasing the photo for publication purposes, but that other news sites are jumping left and right to make a deal and get their hands on the death flick.

Man Finds Baby In Trash Can Bloody and Wrapped In Bag

Justin Goldfarb;Virgina watched a mother abandon her child in a trash can outside of Maryview Hospital and flee from the scene. He had no idea what was in the bag. He alerted a nurse inside who came out only to find a new born baby born in the bag covered in blood and freezing. Justin explains what he saw not only to speak of how horrible it is to even see a child in that predicament he has nightmares about the child “ hope I don’t dream about it tonight.” Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/man-haunted-bloodied-face-baby-saved-article-1.1214291#ixzz2EHVOmPsz. Luckily, Justin saw the whole act and the baby was taken care of and will be released in a few days. Biz Baby

Storm Leaves 1 Million People Without Power In The DMV Area

One million people are currently without power in the D.C., Maryland, and Virgina are a powerful storm ripped through the area last night. Power may not be turned on for several days leaving everyone facing the severe heatwave alone. Two people were already killed last night as a result of trees falling. Read more below. Julie1205

Massive Storm Heading Towards Nation’s Capitol!

A fast-moving, massive storm is heading towards the Nation’s capitol and it is predicted to cause severe damage! Click below to read more. Melissa Nash

Navy F18 Jet Crashes In Virgina Beach

The Navy has confirmed that a Navy F18 jet has crashed in Virgina Beach this afternoon. According to the Navy, the two airmen who were in the jet were safely ejected from the plane before it crashed and no injuries have been reported. The cause of the crash is still unknown, stay tuned for details. Read more below. Julie1205

5 Slain In West Virginia Before Suspect Kills Himself

Authorities say a man who killed five people near Morgantown and ran down an elderly woman in neighboring Pennsylvania also shot and wounded a gas station attendant as he crossed back through West Virginia. He then took his own life in Kentucky. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

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