(Photo + Video) 20-Year-Old Woman Sells Her Virginity

A 20-year-old woman by the name of Katherine Stone from Seattle, Washington, lost her family house in a fire in 2014. The family struggled due to the home not being insured. Stone found a legal brothel where she decided to sell her virginity.

(Video) Man With A Bionic Penis Loses His Virginity

Mohammed “Mo” Abad was in a bad car accident when he was just 6 years old. That accident caused him to lose his penis. In 2012, he was able to get a “bionic penis” which doctors attached a makeshift fleshy tube to Mo to form a penis. It took surgeons three years to mold the new penis. They took skin from Mo’s arm and attached it to the penis. The penis has two tubes in it which inflates to give him an erection when he presses a button located on his testicle. He had not used the used until recently to he met a sex worker by the name of Charlotte Rose.

Selena Gomez Finally Admits To Losing Her Virginity To Justin Bieber!

Being in the spotlight at a young age and getting into a serious relationship can often be difficult but as far as Selena Gomez is concerned, she does not regret one thing about her past! The 23-year-old recently opened up about her past relationship with Justin Bieber and even got into losing her virginity during a recent interview with the UK’s Sunday Times.

(Video) Ashanti Lists Her Top 5 R&B Artists & Reveals What Song She Lost Her Virginity To!

To promote her new album Braveheart, which is available on iTunes now, Ashanti stopped by to chop it up with ThatsEnuff.com. The former First Lady of Murda Inc. listed her top five R&B artists and she even dished the dirt on what song she lost her virginity to. Find out all the deets below!

Yikes: Jake Gyllenhaal Took Taylor Swift’s Virginity & Then Stood Her Up For Her 21st B-Day?!

Taylor Swift is known to constantly “serial dating” and then sing about it in her songs. However, it looks like an outside source gave some additional info on Taylor’s relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal that she didn’t add in her music. The 24-year-old was apparently planning to save herself for marriage but fell so deeply in love with Gyllenhaal that she let him take her virginity. Shortly after, he reportedly played her all the way out by being a no show to her 21st birthday party at her parent’s house in Tennessee. “The day before — all was set — he was coming, no issues. But the day of, she doesn’t hear from him at all. No texts, no calls,” revealed the source. “Taylor thought maybe he was planning some sort of surprise. Nope. He didn’t show up and she locked herself in the bathroom and cried the entire night.” Taylor apparently thought she was going to marry Jake when he clearly didn’t have the same idea.

Teen-Porn Mom Farrah Abraham Says “She Wants To Be A Virgin Forever”!

Although Farrah Abraham has had a child, and now is set to release her second sex tape, has revealed that she wants to remain celibate for the rest of her life; hit the jump for more!

Find Out How Celebs Like Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, Khloe Kardashian & More Lost Their Virginity

Losing your V-card is one of the most intimate moments in one’s life, and though celebs are notorious for wanting to “keep their private life private,” many big stars have been rather candid about that big day. Check out stories from Lil Wayne, Khloe Kardashian and more in the gallery!

(Photos) Chris Brown Talks About Rihanna, & Losing His Virginity At 8 Years Old!

In recent interview with The Guardian, Chris speaks on Rihanna, and how he lost his virginity at 8 years old!

(Photos) Whoa!! Students In Indonesia May Have To Take Virginity Tests?!?!

A budget was recently proposed in Indonesia that would require female senior high school students to undergo virginity tests to discourage premarital sex and protect against prostitution. However, despite it’s good intention, the ends don’t seem to justify the means as the plan would promote discrimination and the violation of human rights.

NBA: Ex-MTV Star Claims Michael Jordan Once Tried To Take Her Virginity

These tell-all books are something else. SMH. Just when Michael Jordan thought he left his past behind him, a former MTV star decided to talk about a time when she played some dice with the legend.  I’m sure there’s all kinds of stories like this. Report after the jump…

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