Tech: Google’s Smart Lens Will Be Injected Into Your Eyeball!!!

Tech companies are looking for ways to innovate current forms of technology. Just the other day Sony patented a design for their own digital contact lens. But now Google has stepped in to one-up them with a smart lens that will be injected into your eyeball!

(Video) Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer #3 Might Be The Best Yet!!! Vision Revealed!!!

I am so booked May 1st!! The 3rd trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie of the year is showing all the action we’ve been waiting for, I mean I’m salivating from the thirst of seeing this movie! Teasing is like pure foreplay for any Marvel fan, and this trailer not only has great action, A Vision Revealed tease!!!

(Video) Want Details On Marvel’s “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”, Watch This!!!

Comic Con 2014 has been amazing thus far, and I’m not even there!!! Now a poster came out that looks crazy(Gallery Above), but if you want a little more insight on the whole situation, go ahead and check out the Marvel Panel from Comic Con below!!

NBA: Kobe Shares His Vision of The Lakers — Guess Who He’d Love To Play With?!

In an interview yesterday,  Kobe Bryant provided a clear vision of what he’d like to see happen with the Lakers.  Yes, he even named names.  He talked about who he’d like to see as their coach, who he’d “love” to play with & more. Check it out…

(PHOTOS) Forget COD, This iPhone Case Gives You Real Thermal Vision

If you don’t know, sometimes in COD(Call Of Duty) you have to switch to a thermal scope in order to hit those you can’t really see. Now imagine, taking the guns out of the equation of course, you could use your iPhone to see people(their figures at least) in the complete darknessss *Dave Chappelle voice* See the cases!

Tech Talk Device: Huawei Gives Us Vision!!!

Ok remember the other day I showed you this new “Vision“, well it’s getting closer to your hands! As it hits the FCC for testing, A promo video leaks, Hit the Jump to see if your wow’d by this device! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: Huawei’s New Vision!!!

Huawei is a clean little Brand, Bigger over seas, but growing nicely in the US, They have a new Device named “Vision” with some Really NICE specs, Hit the Jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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