(Audio) NBA: Donald Sterling Is Out Of His Mind! Listen To The Voicemail He Left Doctors Who Examined Him

Donald Sterling is still at it. The embattled owner of the Clippers (yes he is still technically the owner) just refuses to take the sale of his team lying down. He has already changed his mind about not suing the NBA and fighting the sale of the Clippers and has allegedly threatened his wife Shelly and her lawyers, even going as far as to say “he will take them out”. But this voice mail is a classic. These messages were left on the voicemail of the doctors that examined him that deemed he was not fit to make decisions regarding ownership of the team because he was suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He claims he was setup by his wife and these doctors to conspire to wrestle control of the team away. He calls the doctors a tramp and stupid f*cking doctors among other things. Hit the jump.

Trayvon Martin’s Killer Leaves Voicemail Thanking His Supporter

George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, has emerged for the first time since the shooting. Zimmerman left a voicemail on one of his major supporter’s cellphone. Zimmerman called Frank Taaffe to say sorry for the loss of his son and to thank him for all of his support. Taaffe has been Zimmerman’s most vocal supporter to date, well besides Geraldo Riveria. Zimmerman sounded calm and collective and only remorseful about Taaffe’s son. Listen below. Julie1205

(Video) Tech Talk App: Tango Now Let’s You Leave A Video Voicemail???

 I’m not even gonna waste your time tithe a bunch of Tech banter, if you Video Call someone through Tango, and you don’t have time to answer the call for whatever reason, they can leave a Voicemail, in Video form!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Drugged-Out Michael Jackson Voicemail Played In Courtroom

Jurors at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged in Michael Jackson’s death, heard an audio recording of the pop superstar slurring his words and talking about his upcoming concerts while under the influence of the very powerful anesthetic propofol. Hit the jump to hear the audio @WiL

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