Waitress Tipped Big By George W. Bush Tweets That He Did 9/11

Leisa Smith was having a good serving shift when former President George Bush & wife Laura sat at her table and tipped her very well. Leisa than turned her back on Bush and went on Twitter to claim he set up 9/11 – one of the biggest conspiracies amongst theorists. Hit the jump for this mockery.

(Photos) NFL: Waitress Puts Darnell Dockett on Blast For Leaving $3 Tip, He Calls Her “Ungrateful F*cker”

Another day another headline for Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett.  So what is he up to this time?  Well a waitress decided to put Dockett on blast and call him out for only giving her a $3 tip.  Of course Dockett wasn’t going to let that slide, he fired back at her, telling the real story.

(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Rings Up $25K Tab After Fight & Tips The Waitress HOW MUCH?!

I feel like this has to be some kind of mistake?!?!  Floyd Mayweather earned $32 million from his fight Saturday night — yes, $32 million.  Afterwards he went out with his entourage that included Jamie Foxx and spent $25,000 on booze and chicken wings.  Well the waitress that served Mayweather & his camp is speaking out — Can you take a guess at how much he reportedly tipped her?!  Floyd we need to hear from you. Check it out…

(Photo) Enough Is Enough: Kendall Jenner Takes It To Twitter To Address “Ridiculous” Rumors!

Rumors have been circling the web this week about Kendall Jenner and a supposed incident involving her and a waitress at the Mercer Kitchen in SoHo. Fed up, Kendall took it to twitter to address the “ridiculous” rumors. Find out what Kendall to say after the jump

NFL: Waitress That Warren Sapp Stiffed Is Getting Donations

Well it looks like there’s a happy ending for the waitress that Warren Sapp stiffed (pause) at a sports bar.  Yesterday a receipt went viral after Sapp left no tip on a $69 bill because the waitress called him a “boy.”  The waitress will face a punishment for her sister leaking the receipt, but she won’t be fired … and people are giving her donations for Sapp being a jerk. Hit the jump for details…

Wow, Dr. Dre Left HOW Much Of A Tip For His Waitress?!

Now that he’s a billionaire and all, it’s nothing to Beats By Dre mogul Dr. Dre to leave whatever kind of tip he wants. While out last week partying at the Skybar in West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel, the doc left around 2am and dropped a whopping $5,000 on his waitress’ tip! Earlier in the night, he was spotted copping an expensive Mac & Lou bracelet for his wife, Nicole Threatt. Must be nice to be D-R-E!

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