(Video+Photo) Walmart Pharmacist Wins $31Mill Suit For Gender Discrimination Claims

A former Wal-Mart employee got a major pay increase from the company after she won a lawsuit for over $31 Million. The pharmacist says her termination came shortly after reporting safety concerns and was finalized when she lost her pharmacy key. Her lawyers argued that a male pharmacist who lost his key was disciplined, but not terminated making this an act of gender discrimination.

(Video) Naked Man Pours Milk On Himself While Running Through Wal Mart

A Man in Kentucky Runs Naked through Wal Mart while pouring Milk all over himself. Hop into the post for the video! #IFWT

(Photos + Video) Wal-Mart Employee Finds Miniature Meth Lab Being Operated Inside The Men’s Bathroom!

A Wal-Mart employee discovers a miniature meth lab being operated inside the men’s bathroom. Check out the video and photos of the bathroom in the gallery below!

NFL: Report, Dez Bryant Was Questioned By Police In Wal-Mart Incident In 2011, But Was Not Arrested

Well yesterday came and went without the alleged video involving Dez Bryant doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice” being released to the public. However, things got serious this week when ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a very respected and credible sports reporter, said that there is in fact a tape, although he said he had not seen the contents with his own eyes. He said he had been working on the story quietly since September, and for a guy like Schefter to admit the tape does exist, well that carries alot of weight.

LOL! 17-Year-Old Dressed Up Like An Employee And Stole $30,000 From 3 Wal-Marts!!

Wow! Such a big heist for one 17-year-old whose name is unknown (because he’s a minor). It went down in Norman, Oklahoma, when a 17-year-old boy dressed up as a Wal-Mart employee and walked in to three stores… and walked out with $30,000. Authorities say that he was able to make it out because he was once employed at one of the three stores; he knew the policies. Hit the jump for more info.

(Photos) SO Sad! Bangladesh Factory Collapse Kills Over 300!!!

As labor in China starts to become more expensive, Bangladesh, with its lax working restrictions and slave labor wages, has become the new place to do business. Building owners were warned the day before that the building had cracks in it, but still forced workers to come to work or they would be fired. The multi-story building collapsed the very next day and the death toll is climbing past 300. The brands doing business also rejected safety plans for workers last year. Of the brands who were doing business, Wal-Mart and Joe Fresh were involved. Check out the pictures of the collapse in the gallery.

Auto:(Photo) Custom Oldsmobile Cutlass Gets Parked Where??

How you gonna just do this to a classic car like the Oldsmobile Cutlass from the 70’s?? So disrespectful! But when your high and drunk you tend to do idiotic things. Wal-Mart is usually open 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean for you to park your car there. This dude according to witnesses was making some real big scenes in the parking lot before he decided to speed his Cutlass through the front doors and drive into the store. He made is through the entrance when of all things he crashed into a Bud Light display. The beer cans actually did some pretty decent damage to the ride. How many old school car lovers want to punch this dude right now? I am sure Funk Flex himself would be in line to talk to the driver. Check out the pics after the jump in the gallery.

Walmart Is Planning WHAT In Its Stores?!?!

At a press event today Walmart unveiled its plans to test a new locker system in its stores. This summer, in some of its location, Walmart will let customers shop online, store the product in stores and then pick the items up in store with out having to wait in lines.

“We Will Hire Any Veteran Who Needs A Job” !!!!

That’s Right, if you’re a veteran and you need a job, WalMarts Got You! Hit the Jump for the full story. AliTheGreatest

Wal-Mart Apologizes For Not Letting School Choir Sing On 9/11

Wal-Mart has apologized after a management at a Florida Wal-Mart refused to let Coconut Palm Elementary school choir sing “God Bless America” to honor our heroes and lost ones from 9/11. Click below to read more. Jason J.

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