Hillary Clinton’s Numbers Slip In Recent Polls

Hillary Clinton’s popularity is slipping in a new Wall Street Journal poll released today.

(Photos) Pharrell Is Finally Starting To Show Signs Of Aging

Pharrell has looked almost exactly the same since his introduction to the game almost 2 decades ago, but FINALLY the man is starting to show some signs of being human. LOL! Though he still looks AMAZING, the super-producer definitely looks more his age on the new cover of the Wall Street Journal’s mag. More pics of Pharrell over the years in the gallery.

NBA: Goodness! Shaq Pays How Much A Week For Apps?!?!

They don’t call him the big guy for nothing.  Shaq is spending big bucks on apps!!  Some of you may not know that Shaq is a geek is heart.  He loves all that tech stuff!  I had no idea but just learned that Shaq’s Twitter account was the first to be verified by the social-media company & he was a pre-IPO investor in Google.  This guy is amazing.  So how much does he spend on apps A WEEK?  He spoke with Evelyn Rusli at The Wall Street Journal —  the number may (or may not) surprise you…

NFL: LOL! Wall Street Journal Article About Brent Celek Accidentally Refers to 2 Chainz as ‘Two Chairs’

Lol, whoopsie!  It’s hard out here for those that don’t know hip hop!  With all these crazy name, I can definitely see this happening — but I am surprised that it was the Wall Street Journal that made this mistake.  They accidentally referred to 2 Chainz as ‘Two Chairs.’  Lol.  At least someone corrected them. Check it out…

Warning: Is The IRS Out To Get You?!?

Business owners all over the U.S. have been getting bombarded with letters from the IRS that seem to have everyone in a frenzy. These letters are asking if they have been properly reporting all of their cash income because apparently, the IRS feels that these small businesses aren’t being truthful about how much $$ they’re ACTUALLY bringing in. Could the IRS be purposely targeting small business owners?

(Video) NBA: Commissioner David Stern Calls ESPN’s 30 for 30 – Broke “Mildly Racist”

NBA commissioner David Stern recently sat with Wall Street Journal‘s Lee Hawkins and discussed the financial woes of NBA players.  He was highly critical of ESPN’s 30 for 30 – Broke documentary which featured mostly African American athletes who had unwisely spent and lost all of their money.  Stern said the documentary was bad journalism, bad fact checking and “mildly racist”.  Read more after the jump.

(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Shows His Off the Court Style & Finances in The Wall Street Journal

Bright lights, big city accurately describes NYC.  Though it is also the mecca of basketball as far as hoopers go, it is also one of the fashion capitals and epicenter of the financial world.  New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony has embraced all the different parts of New York City and combined them to produce the Melo you see today as outlined in his latest cover story in the Wall Street Journal.  Read more after the jump.

(Video) 50 Cent Sits Down With The Wall Street Journal

There’s no denying that even if you aren’t a fan of his rapping, 50 Cent is a hell of a business man. He has his hands in many business from headphones to energy drinks and this is nothing new for him. Throughout his career, Fif has had a successful men’s clothing and sneaker line, a HUGE deal with Vitamin Water, has partnered with World Food Program & Feeding America, worked with SMS Audio, developed Street King, and much more. In his latest interview, Fif sits down with the Wall Street Journal to chop it up about everything from Eminem, Floyd Mayweather, the auto business, how Jay-Z owes him a favor, his forthcoming album, and so much more. Watch for yourself below.

Alert: You May WANT To Change Your Password, 250,000 Users On Twitter Hacked!!!

Twitter, alongside other prominent websites such as the Wall Street Journal & the New York Times have been compromised & their security breached. Twitter has already gone on to have the passwords reset & any account that has been attacked will receive an email to do just that. But just to keep safe, you should probably go ahead & change it. Read more in the links after the jump regarding what happened to Twitter as well as the others.

(Video) Game Goes In On Recent 40 Glocc Drama

We all know about the recent drama between 40 Glocc and Game’s manager, well Game talks about that and more. Drop down bottom for the Wall Street Journal interview. JaaiR (JR)

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