Zoo Director Pleads Guilty To Animal Cruelty!!!

A Virgina Zoo director pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and possession of animal euthanasia drug without a license charges dropped after she drowned a wallaby in a bucket of water. Meghan Mogensen, the Zoo Director at Reston Zoo, which is actually owned by her father was charged after she euthanized an injured wallaby. The wallaby sustained an eye injury that other zoo staff deemed treatable at first, but when the injury worsened concern about the animals health rose. Eric Mogesen, Meghan’s father and the Zoo owner deemed the injuries worthy of euthanasia and his daughter carried it out. A Zoo employee found a bucket of water next to the wallaby’s empty cage, and suspected wrong doing, then reported to the police after she found the dead wallaby wrapped up in bag drenched in water. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Tech Talk News: Got Too Many Credit Cards? The Wallaby App Tells You Which Ones To Use

Ever walk into a store & got stuck on which card to pay with? There’s a new app for that. Wallaby helps you maximize your rewards by telling which card is the right one to use at the specific point, so you can get your travel points & other things. There’s also a physical card coming early next year that you’ll be able to store all of your cards on & it will smartly choose the card to use as you swipe. More in the link. Tat Wza

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