U.S Says We Are Prepared For Military Solution Against ISIS In Syria


The ongoing civil war between the Syrian rebels and it’s government continues on the daily and it seems the next step is for outside forces to continue to offer their services – including the United States and Turkey. Hit the jump for the full story.

(Video) Emails Reveal Identity of ‘Jihadi John’ from ISIS Beheading Videos

Jihadi John of ISIS Revealed

A British advocacy group named Cage has released communications with a London man named Mohammed Emwazi as Emails Reveal Identity of ‘Jihadi John’ from ISIS Beheading Videos.

H** Sit Down: Army Veteran Blasts Gwenyth Paltrow For Comparing Twitter Hate To War

IFWT_Gwyneth Paltrow

Some celebs are sooo far removed from reality, they should just log off their laptops and get a personal diary to express their thoughts in it….coughs, Gwyneth Paltrow. The A-List actress born with a silver spoon in her mouth, has put her foot in her mouth once again. Just a couple of week ago, she was slammed for saying Hollywood moms have it harder than non-celebrity mothers, and now the actress equates negativity on Twitter to war?? Well Army veteran Sergeant First Class Bryan Sikes had some choice words for the Hollywood heiress. Get details inside!

(Video) Military Prototype Robot Ready For Action?!

Military Robot

Probably not the robot you would think the military would put in the field 1st, but sky net has to start somewhere!

(Photos) The Battle Of Kim Kardashian Vs. Khloe Kardashian’s Beach Selfies: Who You Got?

Kim & Khloe Kardashian

There’s always been a lot of comparing amongst the Kardashian sisters. Kim usually gets the most praise followed by Kourtney, leaving Khloe in the dust. HOWEVER, after Khloe posted some straight up STUNNING flicks of herself on a boat and the world went crazy, Kim had to come back strong and post a few of herself (including a pretty corny video.) Peep the Kardashian beach selfie war over in the gallery… who you got?!

(Video) The Military Is Testing Smart Rifles?!


Yes it seems so! A company TrackingPoint Inc. has developed a rifle that tracks it’s target, and it is spot on, so now the Military has bought about 6 of them to test, probably in the field.

(Photos) Artist Recreates Children’s Drawings Of War, With Toys!


West Coast artist Brian McCarty travelled to West Bank, Gaza and Israel, to capture the experiences of children through their drawings and lifestyle, for his latest project shoot, WAR-Toys. McCarty recreated the pictures the children drew, by heading back to the original setting of the drawing, and the result is absolutely breath taking! Hit the jump for the intense photos.

The Daughter Of A Fallen World War II Veteran Finally Receives Letter From Father She Never Met!!!


The letter of a fallen World War II Victim finally reached his daughter after 7 decades and if that isn’t enough of a surprise, you wouldn’t believe where the letter was found! Hit the jump for more detail!

(Video) Sounds Familiar? USA & Russia Go To Syria To Remove Weapons Of Mass Destruction!!

Us Russia To Go To Syria

The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov came to an agreement after 3 days of negotiating in Geneva about Syria’s stockpile of weapons.The deal entails that international inspectors must be present in Syria by November to commence the elimination of all chemical weapons, which must be done by 2014. If Syria’s government fails to comply, military action will follow. With the senseless war that George Bush Jr. started, why would America start more conflict on the other side of the world? Obama promised to bring our troops home, but it looks like he did so to send them right back to war! To see John Kerry rationalize this mistake, click below.

(Caught On Tape) Whoa!! Check Out What Happens When You Try To Rob A War Veteran!!


One would-be robber thought he had an easy one, but that dream was shattered immediately. While working the register, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, who happens to be a former prison guard and private investigator in addition to being a war veteran, was deemed a hero after he thwarted the actions of an armed man. The armed man walked into the store while smoking a cigarette when Alexander asked him to put it out. At that time, the man pulled out his gun and demanded “all the (expletive deleted) money.” The quick thinking clerk then pushed his hand (holding the gun) before pulling out his own, pointing it right into the man’s mouth threatening to “blow his (expletive deleted) head off.” Hit the jump to check out the surveillance footage.

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