(Video) Wow! The “Full House” Cast Reunite & Appear On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

In a skit on Wednesday night’s show, Fallon tosses and turns in bed, calling out “Dad, Dad” because he is having nightmares about leaving Late Night for his new gig at the Tonight Show on NBC. Bob Saget shows up as Danny Tanner to calm Fallon’s fears in what appears to be Michelle Tanner’s old room. Saget hops into bed next to Fallon to comfort him and then John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) and Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) join. See the fellas back in action below!

NFL: Demaryius Thomas’ Mother & Grandmother Will Watch Him In The Super Bowl…From Jail

This is kinda a crazy story about Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas.  He’s about to do what so many others can only dream of — play in the Super Bowl.  So where will some of his family be watching the big game from?!  Jail.  His mother and grandmother are locked up — and have been for 14 years.  Report after the jump…

(Video) Footage Of Justin Bieber Racing Before The Arrest

Damn, as Justin Bieber was resisting arrest, he was cussing the cop out, dropping multiple F bombs. According to the police report, cops approached Bieber’s car and the instantly realized he reeked of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. He had a “stupor” look on his face. He was in the lambo with a model, racing a Def Jam Records artist. See the footage of the race below.

(PHOTO) Sports: Wow, Shocking?! Pie Chart of How Much Football You Actually Watch In A Televised NFL Game!!

I can’t say I’m shocked at this, but it’s definitely a lot less than what I thought.  When you sit down every Sunday during the NFL season to watch a game, how much football do you actually see?  Think about it — take out the commercials, replays, etc.  You might be surprised at what you’re actually watching.  It’s kinda crazy! Check out this chart that breaks it all down…

Wait, What?! Justin Bieber Says, “I’m Retiring”

Justin Bieber is done with show biz, so he claims in this video. Justin was at Power 106 in L.A. today, and said after his next album drops he’s retiring. The album comes out next week. TMZ talked to people in Bieber’s camp and they said he was joking. As one source put it, “The kid’s got ambition.” Since Justin appeared at The Laugh Factory last Friday, he thinks… he’s funny smh.

(Video) R. Kelly Hijacked Dude’s Phone And Does WHAT With It?!

R. Kelly hijacked a random dude’s cell phone this weekend in New York… then recorded a XMAS music video for the guy. LOL. On Friday night at Papa Juan Cigar Room in Harlem, R. Kelly showed up with his entourage. One of the guys began recording Kelly with his camera phone. Then R. Kelly jacked the guy’s cell … and recorded his rendition of “Chestnuts Roasting.” Hilarious. See below.

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