Scott Disick Was Robbed Of Items Worthed Up To $48,000

Scott Disick is pretty known for enjoying the finer things in life, hence why he refers to himself as ‘Lord Disick’. Has the outlandish lifestyle of the enjoying the finer things got him in trouble amongst the people surrounding him?

(Photo) You’ll Never Guess What Fab Got His Eldest Son Johan AKA Prince Joso For Christmas!

For some Christmas is about celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus and for others it’s about spending ridiculously crazy amounts of money to please the kiddies and keep them on trend. Fab went above and beyond this holiday season gifting his young protege with a gift worth more than some people’s cars.

(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant And Hublot Continue Their Partnership

Kobe Bryant has been a brand ambassador with Hublot for some time now and they have recently continued to grow their relationship. Hublot has created their second piece that is modeled after the great Kobe Bryant. Click more to read the full story!

WELP.. Looks Like Ray J’s New Gig Isn’t Working Out For Him!

After becoming a semi-professional porn star, Ray J decided that he wants to dip and dab in the luxurious watch business. However, the watch company is NOT having it because according to them, they “hit it first!” Audumars Piguet filed a complaint against Ray J for selling knock off versions of their watches for his Royal Oaks collection that is apparently a “blatant rip off” of their high-end brand. There are countless similarities including hexagonal screws placed at the corners of an octagon face. The Audumars are going for about $25,000 while Ray J’s are ranging from $150-$500. WELP, looks like Ray J better pick up the camera and get to poundin’ something famous out because he clearly has no luck in other fields.

(Photo) NFL: Showing Love! DeMarco Murray Buys Watches For 22 Teammates

DeMarco Murray just finished a record breaking regular season for the Dallas Cowboys, and when you are a running back you depend on others to help you reach and break those records. Murray surpassed Emitt Smith for the single season team rushing record and he decided to show his gratitude to alot of guys who helped him pick up those yards.

From Sex Tapes To THIS? Looks Like Ray J Has A New Gig!

Looks like Ray J has yet another business endeavor going for him aside from the Kim Kardashian sex tape and his Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood career. The “I Hit It First” artist is currently the new face of RSNL watches with his fellow business partner, David Weintraub. The watches can be found at various stores such as Macy’s, JC Penney and Kohl’s and run from about $150-$500. According to sources, Ray J wants this to be the beginning of his big new career in the jewelry world. WELP…. anything is better than him making music. I’m 100% with it. Go ahead, boo boo.

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