Lil Wayne To Take Another Shot At Quincy Jones III?!?

If you haven’t heard, Lil Wayne and Quincy Jones III have been dealing with an ongoing court battle over Quincy using Wayne’s music without his authorization. Wayne originally lost the court case due to his unreliable disposition, but he wants to take him back to court because he’s not satisfied with the outcome. Click below for more information. Melissa

Lil Wayne Regrets Possessing A Gun!!

During a recent interview, Lil Wayne expressed feelings of regret for his 2010 firearm arrest, in lieu of the Sandy Hook Shooting. He said he would never want to send that message to young people. Click below to read his statement. Melissa

Lil Wayne Speaks On Losing His Recent Lawsuit- He’s NOT Happy About It!!

Yesterday we reported that Lil Wayne lost his Quincy Jones III lawsuit because of his crazy disposition. Lil Wayne spoke on the situation and he’s really pissed about it! Click below to read more. Melissa

Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Because Of His Crazy Disposition!!

It has just been reported that Lil Wayne lost his lawsuit and countersuit in the Quincy Jones Jr. case. It looks like he lost the case because of his crazy disposition tape! Apparently Wayne couldn’t come to the courtroom because of his health, so his lawyer was forced to play the tape, and the jury did not like it! Click below for more details. Melissa

(Video) Nicki Minaj Giving Lil Wayne His Birthday Present!!!

We recently reported that Nicki Minaj gave Lil Wayne a very interesting birthday present… Click below to see a video of Nicki giving it to him! Melissa Nash

New Beef Alert: Lil Wayne Vs. Quincy Jones’ Son

Looks like we got a new beef on our hands… Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones’ son for using his music without authorization. Click below for the story. Melissa Nash

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