(Photos) Apple Confirms Wrist Tattoos Disrupt Apple Watch Use!

There were reports from Apple Watch owners with wrist tattoos that their devices were malfunctioning apparently because of their tattoos. Apple confirmed today that users with wrist tattoos may not be able to use their device completely. Read more to see Apples officlal statement and solutions for customers that are inked

(Videos) Sexy Women, Playstation NOW, Wearable Tech, And Playing Fruit Ninja With Your Eyes!! #CES2014

I’m not gonna lie, there were WAY more women at CES this year, and as single man, I was NOT mad!! There were also plenty of really cool ass pieces of tech this year, stuff that even I was surprised to see!

Wait What?! Sony Files A Patent For A ‘Smart Wig’ ?!?

Ummm, I know wearable Tech is the new movement, I mean Google Glass is leading the biggest charge, and Samsung has galaxy gear watches, but Sony has filed for the latest piece that may join the tech wearable article….a wig 0_0

Wait What??? Someone Got A Ticket For Wearing Google Glass?!

Ummm, This is beyond ridiculous, especially coming out of California, the state where Tech lives! Apparently they have idiotic law out there about ‘Monitors being in site of a driver’, and also apparently that includes Google Glass.

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