(Photos) Get Off The Roads Or Get Arrested Travel Ban Announced For NYC

Blizzard Jonas is here and here to do damage. The mayor of New York is not having it in his city and announces a travel ban for all residents of the five Burroughs. Between the hours of 2:30pm and mid night tonight there is a no travel ban put in place for all citizens,if your caught outside traveling the next place you’ll end up is in prison.

How Cool (Or Not) Will Your Christmas Eve Be?

If you feel like I did this Christmas season, than you feel like it’s not Christmas at all. Let me say, I hate the snow, but it’s unusual for the east coast to get a dose of spring weather in the winter; and it’s not just spring weather, but record-breaking spring weather. Let’s keep in mind, Christmas Eve! Hit the jump for more.

(Fellas Check The Pics) Super Sexy Mexican Weather Lady Does A Lingerie Photoshoot!

Yanet Garcia has given viewers in Mexico a new found love for watching the weather. As asked for by popular demand, the super sexy Mexican weather woman stripped down for an exclusive lingerie shoot for Revista H Magazine. Get a visual below!

(Photo) Are Our Earth Days Numbered???

So our Earth Days Numbered huhh? Most kids woke up just simply knowing that today reflects how we maintain our earth but do they know we’re at risk . First Obama gave a friendly earth Day reminder that one of our biggest threats to our planet is in fact climate change. Letting us all know that this may be the only reversible catastrophe but how easy will it be to reverse?

(Video) Tornadoes Strike In 3 States and Warnings Issued For Others

SEVERE WEATHER ALERT as Tornadoes Strike In 3 States and Warnings Issued For Others. Eastern Iowa, Northern Illinois and Ohio have already been hit and the violent storms are so far not stopping. At least 1 person is reported dead in Fairdale, Illinois from the large 130-150mph winds that are ripping through farmland as well as cities.

(Video) Oh Boy! Mayor DeBlasio Tells New Yorkers: ‘Don’t Underestimate This Storm’

Oh boy! Mayor DeBlasio tells New Yorkers: ‘don’t underestimate this storm’. Forecast suggest there is a major snowstorm that will be underway on the Northeast stretching from the Canadian Border to Northern New Jersey through southern Connecticut and freeze Rhode Island as well as parts of Massachusetts. The mayor went on record saying, “I want everyone to understand that we are facing — most likely — one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city,” said New York City Mayor De Blasio. See his full statement inside, and what we should prepare for.

Why Apple Went From Yahoo to Weather Channel For Weather data in iOS 8

Earlier this month when apple released iOS 8, we couldn’t help but notice that yahoo was no longer in charge of the weather. According to a source in order to convince apple to drop yahoo, the weather channel had to add a lot more technology and information. That would include more weather specificity related to the location of a user. Also a 9 day forecast instead of the regular 5, which is great! You can always plan ahead right.

(Video) Al Roker Talks Illuminati, Jay Z & Solange, Having Obama On Speed Dial & More With DJ Whoo Kid

Our favorite weather man Al Roker recently stopped by Shade 45, and chopped it up with DJ Whookid on his hilarious Whoolywood Shuffle show. During the interview, Al spoke on President Obama, his new app, the Illuminati, global warming and more. Check it out below!

(Video) Does Katy Perry Have A New job?!

With all the news circulating around Katy Perry and John Mayer, the singer has been finding things to do to keep busy. Katy has been touring promoting her new album and the next stop was Australia.

NFL: Super Bowl Could Be Moved To A Different Day and/or Time

I think people are freaking out about nothing.  It doesn’t usually snow that crazy in NY, BUT it’s definitely a great idea to have a back-up plan…just in case.  Personally I’d love to see a snowy Super Bowl — Yes, Ill be watching from the comfort of my family’s home. So what will happen if a crazy storm heads to NY/NJ next Sunday?!  Well moving the day to Saturday or Monday isn’t out of the question.  Hit the jump for details…

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