(Video) NFL: Snoop Dogg Shares His Opinion On Ezekiel Elliott Going To Weed Dispensary

Earlier today it was big news that Cowboys rookie running back, Ezekiel Elliott decided to check out a weed dispensary in Seattle yesterday before the preseason game against the Seahawks. It really was no big deal at all but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it one when he made comments that made it clear he was not happy. Elliott didn’t buy any weed and damn sure wasn’t smoking so the story should’ve ended right there. All the reporting about it however got Snoop Dogg riled up on the topic and you already know he was more than willing to share his opinion.

(Video) NFL: Ricky Williams Believes The Fact He Smokes Weed Is The Only Reason He Won’t Go To The Hall Of Fame

Ricky Williams made an appearance this week on the Bill Simmons hosted show “Any Given Wednesday” on HBO. Along with Williams was Seth Rogen, so naturally the conversation eventually shifted towards weed. Simmons usually does a “speed round” segment with his guest where he fires off questions to get quick responses but in this case they did a “weed round” where some interesting topics were covered, such as the coolest person they ever smoked weed with. Among the topics on the show was also Williams’ issues with the NFL over his smoking and how he believes he is a hall of fame running back but will never be voted in due to his marijuana use.

(Photo) Bernie Sanders Is Not Feeling The DEA’s Decision On Marijuana

Earlier the DEA announced that they were going to keep Marijuana classified with many other killer drugs. Bernie Sanders is with the rest of the world feeling like it is foolish to keep marijuana in the same category as Heroine. Sanders calls this quite ‘absurd.’

The Good And Bad News Behind Where The DEA Stands On Marijuana

Okay, so there is some good news and bad on the weed tip. Lets get the bad news out the way. The Obama administration has just denied a request from two governors to reclassify marijuana. Marijuana will now stay a Level 1 drug meaning it will be classified with one of the most dangerous drugs such as heroine.

(Video) Malia Obama Reportedly Caught Smoking Weed

A photo is circulating the internet from Malia Obama’s super-turnt time at Lollapalooza last weekend, seemingly showing the 18-year-old daughter of the President smoking a joint. It’s quite possible the image is a cigarette as well, though that would actually be a bad thing – as we all know weed is harmless and even legal in most places now. And unlike cigarettes, it hasn’t been known to kill anyone, ever.

(Photo) Study Says More Teens Are Choosing Weed Over Alcohol

A recent study says that more teen these days rather smoke weed that drink alcohol. The study says when you ask teens what they have done in the past 30 days, most of them say smoke weed.

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