Snoop Dogg To Executive Producer To A Mary Jane Comedy On MTV

Okay weed lovers! Snoop Dogg is set to produce a Mary Jane comedy on MTV. This truly fits Uncle Snoop very well. He also wrote the theme song to the show. ‘Mary + Jane’ will be a show circling around two “ganja-preneurs” who are in charge of an all female weed delivery service.

Congrats To Illinois As They Become The 21st To Decriminalize Marijuana!

Four years after Chicago decriminalizes weed it’s home state did excatly the same. Illinois residents who get caught with up to 10 grams or less will no longer have to face jail time, the most a person will get as a consequence is a fine up to $200.

(Photo) NFL: Aldon Smith Responds to Alleged Video of Him Smoking Weed

A video went viral of what’s believed to be Aldon Smith smoking weed.  The video only shows the man’s hand but not only is it an account with previous videos of Smith, he also says his own name in the posting.

Its Lit? THC Found In Colorado Water Supply

Denver, Colorado may be the mile high city but another town shows that there not alone. When Hugo, Colorado officials released a water advisory the initial stereotypical fear was navigated towards lead. But in an interesting so cliche for Denver plot twist the advisory was due to THC. Officials have warned not to drink or bathe in the water. More on the story after the jump.

(Video) Real…Or Real Stupid? Watch These Cops In Uniform Hit A Blunt!

In Colorado, it is fully legal to smoke weed in the open. However, does that make it okay that cops hit the blunt while on duty? I mean, alcohol is legal too…I wouldn’t want someone drunk attempting to do a job for me. The same goes for someone being high. Check out the video of two Colorado cops smoking below, and let us know your thoughts!

(Video) Over 30 People Hospitalized In New York After Mass K2 Overdose

Over 30 people have been hospitalized due to a mass overdose on K2, which is a synthetic form of weed. The drug has reportedly been taking over the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Broadway on the border of the Brooklyn neighborhoods Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

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