WOW: Pastor Sues $188 Million Powerball Winner For $10 Million Over “Verbal Agreement”

Looks like this church is going to have one less attendee! Well, likely a lot less attendees after they hear this story of how shady their pastor is…. Marie Holmes won the Powerball last year – you know, the woman who keeps bailing her ain’t ish man out of jail with her winnings? Well, now her ain’t ish pastor has filed a $10 million lawsuit against her, saying he is “experiencing emotional and mental distress,” because she didn’t fufill her end of their “verbal contract” to spend $1.5 million to purchase land to build a retreat facility. “Because of the emotional distress and mental stress, they put me through, I had to start taking more medicine for anxiety and depression due to this situation,” says Pastor Kevin Matthews.

(Photo) WOW – Honors Student Cited For A “Gang Related” Dress Code Violation Over THIS Shirt?!

You see the above shirt? Yeah, a 12-year-old honors student at Yuba Gardens Intermediate School in California was cited for a dress code violation over it – because officials said the stars could be gang related! Man, what?! According to their logic, the red star on the top right of the t-shirt is “often associated” with the Norteno gang. Says Marysville Joint Unified School District’s Assistant Superintendent:

“Our local gang task force, they identify colors, they identify designs, they identify all of the things that we should be aware of.”

It is a patriotic shirt! Are they kidding me? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

SMH: 5 Out Of 6 Of Small Town’s Police Force Resign After First Black Female Mayor Elected

There were only six police officers in Parma, Missouri and after the small town voted in their first African-American female mayor, five of them resigned. That’s not all, though – the city’s attorney, the clerk and the waste water treatment plant supervisor also turned in resignation letters citing “safety concerns.” “I think it’s pretty dirty they all quit without giving her a chance,” resident Martha Miller told local news station KFVS. “But I don’t think they hurt the town any by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people.” Mayor Tyrus Byrd was was born and raised in Parma and has worked as a city clerk and missionary. She has refused comment about the resignations but says she will look into the “safety concerns” and added that her first order of business is cleaning up the city.

Oklahoma’s Senate Bill 733 Will Prevent People With STD’s From Marrying

A new bill proposed in Oklahoma, Senate Bill 733, will require a blood test for the discovery of communicable or infectious diseases, prior to the issuance of a marriage license. Under the terms of the bill, should either partner test positive, they may not be permitted to get married. I like this idea if one of them was trying to be sneaky…but what if it has been communicated between them, and the non-infected partner is okay with it?

SMH: 60-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested For Impregnating 12-Year-Old Girl

60-year-old Walter Johnson has been arrested in Jackson, FL, after calling 911 to report that the 12-year-old girl he’d been having sex with is pregnant. According to the reports, Walter had sex with the young woman multiple times in the first week of October, and she took a pregnancy test at a medical center on NYE that confirmed she was with child. Though he was with her when she received the news, he left immediately after and called 911, threatening to commit suicide. He was then arrested.

(Photos) Yikes! Play-Doh In Hot Water Over INTERESTING-Shaped Toy!

Much like fashion designer Tom Ford and his controversial phallic-shaped necklace, Play-Doh is under fire for their latest toy. However, unlike the former, theirs wasn’t meant to be looked at as naughty! Inside the new “Sweet Shoppe Mountain” play-set is what the family-friendly company describes as a “mold,” but unfortunately whoever designed it wasn’t thinking too clearly, as it’s CLEARLY a huge mistake for kids! Angry parents took to the official Play-Doh Facebook page to voice their concerns by the dozen, especially after Christmas morning, prompting an official apology, as well as a recall.

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