(Photo) Wesley Snipes Questions “Why Does Young Metro Have So Many Trust Issues?”

Wesley Snipes, recently gained a huge popularity on Twitter. The New Jack City actor, recently posed an important question to to his followers when he tweeted, “Why does young metro have so many trust issues? lol” Clearly, Snipes has been put on to the ever popular Future ad-libs, that have proven to be meme gold, “If young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you.” Snipes received several answers from followers, however none of which were probably the answers he was looking for. Check it out in the gallery!

Wesley Snipes To Receive How Much Million For Blade 4 Movie?

After a not so successful run at the Box Office with Expendables 3, Wesley Snipes is already going after a role that will rake in the big bucks this time around. After Blade 3 reportedly made $128 million in theaters alone, Wesley is being paid 3 million dollars to do the film, not to mention the cut he will receive from profits. Hit the jump for what the Daily News wrote.

(Video) Wesley Snipes Is Ready For Another “Blade” Movie!!

If you didn’t know, 1998’s “Blade” was the first of a long list of revamped Marvel Comic movies that starred none other than Wesley Snipes as the Day Walker. Well, while speaking about his contributions to “The Expendables” franchise, he spoke on the hopes of recording another. See his interview after the jump.

Guess Who Has Just Been Released From Prison?!

Actor Wesley Snipes has just been released from prison! Snipes was convicted of failing to file federal income tax returns back in 2010. He was sentenced to three years and was denied an appeal. Now the actor will remain on house arrest until July 19.

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