(Photos) Reporters Were Evacuated Out Of The White House Due To Bomb Threats

Reporters were evacuated out of the White House during a press briefing, according to Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary around 1:53 p.m., via the Metropolitan Police. The briefing room was the only part of the White House that was evacuated as a precaution. The President and his family remained in their locations. Around 2:30 p.m., the threat was cleared, and the press briefing continued. Hit the jump for more.

Man Arrested For Trying To Fly A Drone Outside White House

A man has been arrested for trying to fly a drone right outside the White House!!! Details after the jump.

(Video) Will Ben Carson’s Focus On Lower Class Win Him A Spot In The 2016 Presidential Election?

Republican candidate Ben Carson has made it a point to focus on the poor and lower-income population of America. While other candidates aim for numbers and middle class voters, Carson plans to connect with the lower classes of society because he can personally relate to the struggle. Find out more about Carson’s proposals after the jump!

(Photos) Future Gets Trolled By Ciara Fans After Russell Wilson Photos

In the past week dating rumors have been circulating about Ciara and Seattle Seahawk QB Russell Wilson. Fuel was added to the fire when pictures of the rumored couple at the White House State Dinner surfaced. Who knows where Future stands in all of this, but he might want to stay off social media for the next couple of days.

(Photos) NFL: Did Tom Brady Skip Visit With President Obama Because He’s Mad at the White House?

As the Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots were scheduled for a visit with President Barack Obama at the White House.  One person was noticeably absent, the Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady.  According to the Patriots, Brady had a previously planned “family commitment” but that was proven to be untrue.  So why did the famous QB skip the visit?

(Photos+Video) Obama Visits 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

At this year’s 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, filled with celebrities, journalists and politicians, president Barrack Obama swung his verbal swords at his journalistic adversaries, various republicans, and added self-depreciation. Last night, the executive decision-maker transcended any other president in targeting those whom have targeted him in the past. With the blend of humor and slight diatribe, president Obama delivered many moments to remember. He spit a plethora of bars, and we’ve enumerated piece by piece.

(Video) Marco Rubio Bumps Nicki Minaj On Road to the White House

Is he being real or putting a bid in for that Hip Hop vote? Republican Senator Marco Rubio Bumps Nicki Minaj On Road to the White House and says if he’s elected President of the United States he’ll be the coolest Head of State ever–starting with a turn up* on the volume of the Queen Barbz and EDM??? Let’s investigate…

(Video) Obama Responds: Man Who Crashed Drone Into White House Says He Was Drinking

So we’re going with the “Blame It On the Alcohol” on this one…Obama has responded about the incident which has drawn the Secret Service, Defense Department and “National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency” together after it’s been revealed the Man Who Crashed Drone Into White House Says He Was Drinking.

(Video) What YouTube Stars Are Headed to the White House ???

Get your views up!!!…Reaching out to more young people with an innovative and un-rehearsed interview series, YouTube Stars Are Headed to the White House for #YouTubeAsksObama that will be happening two days after his State of the Union address next Tuesday. So who made the cut? For starters…the “Cinnamon Challenge” chick got in!!!

(Video) Feds Investigating How Malia Obama Wearing Pro Era T-Shirt Pic Got On Instagram

A lot of us were surprised to see the now infamous selfie of the White House resident randomly reppin’ the Brooklyn Bada$$ crew. Now the Feds Investigating How Malia Obama Wearing Pro Era T-Shirt Pic Got On Instagram has made national news, and the first parents are probably pissed.

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