(Photos) RIP: Pictures Of Bobbi Kristina’s Grave Site Released

It has been an extremely sad time for the Brown-Houston family. 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina recently passed away after being on bed rest for months from a fatal accident in the bathtub of her home. Currently, rumors are circulating that a photo of Bobbi Kristina in the casket is being sold around to the highest bidder. Allegedly someone from her family snapped the photo during her funeral service.

Brown Family Worries That Houstons Will Snap Casket Photos At Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral

The Brown and Houston families have been feuding ever since Bobbi Kristina was admitted to the hospital after being found unconscious in the bath tub of her home. The family feud has continued even after her death and the families are battling over who will be in control of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, funeral arguments, so on and so forth. Right now the big issue is the Brown family fears that someone will take a photo of Bobbi Kristina’s body in the casket and try to shop it around to media outlets. Read more below.

Bobbi Kristina’s Body Released By Medical Examiner, Set To Be Buried Next To Her Mother

Bobbi Kristina’s body has been released by the medical examiner. According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office there were no signs of foul play observed during the autopsy but they are still waiting on the return of the drug tests. After the drug tests have been observed, a cause of death ruling will be determined. Still, boyfriend Nick Gordon is a person of interest regarding her death as there are still so many unanswered questions. Prosecutors are looking to charge him with involuntary manslaughter. Gordon previously admitted that he and Bobbi Kristina took drugs on the morning of her death. However, authorities believe Gordon was the one to get drugs for Bobbi Kristina. The Houston and Brown families have made arrangements for her burial and Bobbi Kristina will be laid to rest next her mother Whitney Houston. Read more below.

Bobbi Kristina Has A Long History Of Falling Asleep In Bathtubs

At only 22-years-old, Bobbi Kristina was pronounced dead just a few days ago after being almost lifeless for the past few months. Although the case regarding BK’s death is being ruled as a homicide for now, the details surrounding her death involved her “falling asleep” in a bathtub in her home. Now as we remember, her mother Whitney Houston also died the same way after drowning in her bathtub due to a drug overdose. However – new info is coming to the surface in regards to Bobbi’s death. Sources are now coming out and saying that she had a long history of falling asleep in bathtubs prior to her “accident” that caused her death.

(Photos) Is This The End? Hearse Shows Up To The Newly-Pitched Tent At Bobbi Kristina’s Hospice Care Facility

As we previously reported, a tent was erected at the back door of the hospice center where Bobbi Kristina has been staying for the last few weeks. It was pretty clear that this was to keep press away, and though it’s not confirmed, all signs are pointing toward her passing. A hearse was seen backing into the tent yesterday afternoon, just after all of Bobbi’s family had entered the facility, including her aunt and guardian Pat Houston, Whitney Houston’s former bodyguard Ray Watson, Bobby Brown’s brother Tommy and more. This is so truly sad. Our prayers are with them all.

Nick Gordon Takes Guard With A Strong Legal Team As Bobbi Kristina Remains In Hospice Care

Things don’t look like they are going to end well for Bobbi Kristina and while the Houston and Brown families have been preparing for her death, Bobbi’s boyfriend Nick Gordon has been preparing for the backlash.

(Photo) Houston’s and Brown’s Put Aside Their Differences And Gather At Bobbi Kristina’s Bedside

Both sides of Bobbi Kristina’s family came together Saturday to hold a vigil at her bedside. Wednesday the daughter of the late Whitney Houston was moved to a hospice facility in Georgia, after it was determined that her condition was only deteriorating. Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in the hospital since being found unconscious in her bathtub in January. Her families has been feuding over her care and condition since then but seem to have put all that aside to be there for her in her final days.

Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend Accused Of Both Beating & Stealing From Her

It seems that the Bobbi Kristina plot twist is thickening by the day. Her [sort-of] brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon is now being accused of both beating and stealing from Bobbi, who has been transported to Hospice Care and will be allegedly “let go” by her family, who have made the difficult decision to do so. According to a new lawsuit Nick has been hit with, it states that he was both physically abusive to Bobbi along with stealing money out of her bank account. Bobbi inherited a $40 million dollar estate from her late famous mother, Whitney Houston. Being that Gordon knew of the money, he was taking money out of her account behind her back on a regular basis. However, Bobbi’s current unfortunately health state did not stop Gordon from stealing. While she’s been in a coma, he allegedly stole $11,000 more. SMH! Do you believe these allegations against Nick Gordon?

Bobbi Kristina Taken Off Medications; Family Reportedly “Letting Her Go”

I’m hesitant to believe this, given the constant misinformation released about Bobbi Kristina, but the latest reports say that she has now been taken off of the medications that were helping to keep her alive, and her family is “letting her go.” Bobbi’s aunt Pat Houston released a statement announcing that they’ve moved her to the hospice care facility and taken her off all medications, so she can die naturally. Doctors are unsure how long she will live without medial assistance, but Pat adds, “She is in God’s hands now.” The decision reportedly came after the family consulted with a top brain specialist last week in Chicago, and were told that there is “no hope” for Bobbi to pull out of the coma. Our prayers are with the Browns and the Houstons at this time!

(Video) Bobby Brown Gives An Update Regarding Bobbi Kristina’s Heath Status

Just five months ago, Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of R&B legend Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found in her home face down in the bathtub. Reports insinuated that she was on her death bed but according to Bobby, that is not the case. “Unless you hear it directly from me or through my attorney, do not believe any words attitude to me,” Bobby explained. “I am making decisions with Pat Houston for the medical care of my daughter. I do not have time for the frequent side shows,” he said in regards to the rumors about Bobbi being taken back to their home to die. He also explained that their family is focusing on the criminal investigation which led to Bobbi’s current unfortunate medical condition. “Whoever had a hand in causing my daughter’s injuries needs to be brought to justice.”

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