(Photos) New Hosts Of ‘The View’ Pose For First Official Photo!

_New Hosts Of The View

The new hosts of the ABC talk show ‘The View’ pose for the first official photo. The photo is released just days before its 18th season premiere. Check out the photos and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Video) Check Out The First Trailer For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Featuring Megan Fox And Whoopi Goldberg!


It’s been a minute since we have seen Megan Fox in a major blockbuster flick since Transformers. Now the new mama-vixen is back on the big screen for another blockbuster.
Check out the trailer after the jump!

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(Video) Whoopi Goldberg And Jimmy Fallon Team Up For A Hilarious Skit!

jimmy fallon gets in bar fight

As Whoopi Goldberg made her way through the ‘Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ set, the legendary actress wanted to know what it would be like to interview herself and Fallon made it happen! Check out the amazing ‘Lip Flip’ here.

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(Video) Whoopi Talks About New Yet Very Weird Venture!

Whoopi Goldberg

Along with being a host on “The View”, Whoopi Goldberg has decided to take on another venture to fill her already full schedule. And it seems to fit in perfectly!

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(Video) Whoopi Goldberg & Zimmerman’s Lawyers Go At It On ‘The View’

IFWT_Trayvon Martin

The lawyers of George Zimmerman, Don West and Mark O’Mara, paid the ladies of ‘The View’ a visit. In an intense back and forth, Whoopi tries to find out why George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin when he could have fought him. Check out the two part interview after the jump.

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(Photos) Fantasia Shares A Kiss With Whoopi Goldberg On “The View”

Fantasia & Whoopi share a kiss

Fantasia hit “The View” today to promote her new album, Side Effects Of You, and she looked amazing! A weight loss, a new lease on life and some new music has the former American Idol singer singing a different tune! More photos in the gallery and check the interview below.

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(Photos) Guess Which Celebs Join Tribeca Film Festival Juror Panel?!?

Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival has become a highly anticipated event in New York City. Running from April 17-28, the festival originally started as a way to revitalize the economy of lower Manhattan after 9/11. Check out who was announced to join the jurors panel in the gallery.

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(Photos) Most Outrageous Oscar Outfits!!!

Bjork, 2001

Thank God the Oscars didn’t ever come out with a decency rule like the Grammys, or else we wouldn’t have seen these amazing ensembles. Check out the gallery of the most outrageous Oscar outfits after the jump.

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(Video) Barbara Walters “Understands” 50 Shades Of Grey

Barbara Walters

The ladies on the view had a ball with this one! Watch Barbara Walters claim to “understand” 50 Shades Of Grey. Click below to see the hilarious clip.

Eloisa Melo

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(Photos) Here’s Your Weekly IFWT Celeb Flix Fix!

IFWT Celeb Flix Fix

If you want to get a weekly recap of what your favorite celebrities did the past week, here’s your chance to get all the pics in one post. Every week IFWT is going to provide you with the hottest celeb flicks…so hit the jump to get your weekly In Flex We Trust Celeb Flix Fix!


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