(Video) Now That Wi-Fi Is Cheaper, Are You Ready For Sat-Fi Pricing?!

If you’re really out here on some Boss-ish, got $ to burn, flush down the toilet? Then yes, you are mod def ready for Sat-Fi pricing!

The Future Is Coming To A Starbucks Near You!!

Starbucks is rolling out wireless charging to ten stores in Silicon Valley after initially testing the technology in Boston. Wireless charging will enable you to give your phone a jolt while you do the same. Starbucks is hoping to give a boost to the wireless charging industry.

Amtrak Upgrades WHAT On Its Trains???

Amtrak has recently announced that the company will be upgrading the Wi-Fi service on its trains. So far its Acela trains that travel between DC and Boston have already been upgraded with new broadband. A few trains in California have also been upgraded.

FCC Announces Effort To Alleviate Public Wi-Fi Congestion

From Airports to large business conferences, Public Wi-Fi takes a very short while before its over-loaded and unable to keep up with demands. Apple holds Keynotes when releasing new products/features, once having to ask for those in the room to disconnect their secondary device from Wi-Fi to be able to show a demo. This is one popular specific example, but the issue is prevalent in every day life. Well the FCC’s chairman, Julius Genachowski knows the frustrations of over loaded public Wi-Fi and is doing something about it. Tat Wza

Tech Talk: Why Your Home Network Has A 5G Version

If you recently moved or had new Internet services installed in your home, you may have seen a 5G WiFi version of your Home Network. For example if your Network Name is JohnsonFamily, you’ll see JohnsonFamily & JohnsonFamily 5G as an available wireless network. Over the last few years, Wireless N has grown in popularity being the strongest and widest-range signal available. Well Wireless-N has some impressive competition itching its nose into the race. Tat Wza

StreamBoost To Be Demo’d At CES 2013

In an average family of 5 household, assuming all children are 13+ there’s a chance they have between 7-10 devices connected at one time, in a data active family. That number in some households may even be light, which puts crazy strain on your router. Qualcomm has come up with software that fixes this altogether. Tat Wza

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