McDonalds Staff Throws Surprise Birthday Party For Lonely 93-Year-Old Widow

McDonalds does a superb job at making a 93-year-old man feel loved. They threw a surprise birthday party for him at the restaurant and he couldn’t be more happy! This is awesome.

Robin WIlliams Was In The Early Stages Of Parkinson’s Disease When He Committed Suicide

After news broke that Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging, we found out that there was no note left – leaving minds boggled. Today, we hear that Williams was in the early stages of parkinson’s disease. Find out more down bottom.

WWE: Big Daddy V Cremated, Guess What His Widow Plans To Do With His Ashes?!

I haven’t had to deal with many deaths *knock on wood* so I’m not sure if this is normal — but it does seem a tad eerie.  Last week Nelson Frazier Jr., former WWE wrestler Viscera/Mabel/Big Daddy V, passed away from a heart attack.  His widow, Cassandra, has revealed that he was cremated and she has plans for his ashes.  I wonder if he wanted this or if she came up with this on her own?!  Check it out & let us know what you think…

ODB Estate Rep Addresses ‘Dirty’ Documentary Release Delay

Wu-Tang Clan’s fallen soldier was embraced with a packed crowd filled with those longing to see the documentary depicting his life last month, yet the audience instead received a statement from his estate representative, hit the jump for more!

(GRAPHIC PHOTOS) SMH: Woman Sleeps With Her Husband’s Corpse For A Year After He Died!!

For some reason, crazy seems like an understatement. 79-year-old Marcel H.’s husband died back in November of 2012. The cause was an asthma attack. After his death, Marcel was reportedly so distraught that she hadn’t reported the death. Instead, she continued sleeping with his body. What’s even more unusual is the discovery. Despite the body having a year to decompose, neighbors had not reported the smell. Hit the jump for the pics.

(Video) Widow Accused Of Enslaving Indian Illegal Immigrant

Annie George was convicted of keeping an illegal immigrant and now faces jail time after housing an illegal immigrant who served in her terms as a slave, sleeping in a closet, working ridiculous hours for next to no pay all the while maintaining a 20,000 square foot home (they couldn’t find a room for her?). The immigrant who worked for the family was owed over $300,000 after her hours and overtime was added up, however I don’t think the government will be forcing her to pay and though they let her off on the enslavement charges because she did not hold the woman for monetary gain, some might argue that she did. If i could have $300,000 service and not pay for it I would certainly consider that monetary gain but this is why we have lawyers. Check the video for more.

Guess Who Richard Pryor’s Widow Is Hoping To Play Her Late Husband In A Movie

A new film about jazz legend Nina Simone is in the works, and the character of Richard Pryor will have an appearance in it. The man tapped to do so thought it’d be the right thing to reach out to Pryor’s widow just to get her blessing, and in doing so, may have set himself up for an even bigger part! Jennifer Pryor was so touched by the gesture, she’s now strongly considering him to play Richard in an entire biopic about him! Have any guesses as to who? I’ll tell you who it’s definitely not…Eddie Murphy! Says Jennifer, “Having Eddie Murphy play Richard Pryor would be like having Al Jolson play Malcolm X.” (Jolson is a white actor from way back when, known for performing in blackface.) Find out who below! Marisa Mendez

Widow Regrets Letting Her Husband Skydive After His Fatal Incident

The leader of Winoker Reality tragically died from skydiving. His widow wife is now living in regret and says she shouldn’t have let him skydive. Click below to read the story. Melissa Nash

Virginia Tech Shooter Who Killed Officer Reportedly Visited Gun Rage Before Incident

The man who authorities say killed a Virginia Tech police officer had visited a shooting range this year but hadn’t gone for several months because he didn’t have bullets for his gun, according to a friend. The widow of the slain police officer revealed that they had exchanged texts about an hour before the shooting and that she sent him two text messages concerning his safety after he was fatally shot. Continue reading after the jump. @capriSUNshine

Cat Inherits $8.5 Million From Its Owner!!

Now THIS is cray!! An italian cat who goes by the name of Tomasso, has become the world’s richest kitty after his owner left him $8.5 million in her will. More details after the jump!! Wendy L.

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