NYC Underground Subway Stations Get WiFi !!!


NYC are ready to never get off your phones?! The MTA announced the 2nd expansion of wireless service in the subway. Read on to find out what stations are getting wifi…

(Video) Now That Wi-Fi Is Cheaper, Are You Ready For Sat-Fi Pricing?!


If you’re really out here on some Boss-ish, got $ to burn, flush down the toilet? Then yes, you are mod def ready for Sat-Fi pricing!

FCC Proposes To Fund WiFi In Schools


While schools, and classrooms do have internet access they do not however have WiFi. The FCC’s E-rate program is proposing to get over 10 million students online in 2015. This project is costly coming in at $1 billion and would modernize E-rates broadband distribution rules. Some are skeptical about weather students would use computer labs more or if the program will just keep kids connected in classrooms and on their phones.

Google Wi-Fi Everywhere Rumors…. WHAT????


Rumor has it Google has hired Ruckus wireless to build a nationwide Wi-Fi network for businesses. Small businesses would be able to connect to the hotspot from their own wireless routers for free. Since the news Ruckus shares have climbed 7.3% to 10.52. No exact date on Google Wi-FI launch but possibly around summer.

Verizon Goes From LTE To XLTE….Is This 5G?!?


Verizon announced XLTE an upgraded LTE network. Is it really faster? Verizon claims the new XLTE network is twice as fast as its original. The good news is that phones are already compatible.

(Photo) Forget WiFi, Are You Ready For Sat-Fi?!

IFWT_F-iridium-go-Satellite hotspot

I have like 2 Hotspot, My clear for work, cause it works great there and is unlimited, and a Verizon MiFi for trying to catch a signal every where else. BUT if I had a Sat-Fi, that could get a signal ANYWHERE in the world, sign me up!!

DOPE!!! FAA To Allow Gadgets During Flights Soon!!!


Tell me you never thought that rule was complete BS?! When the Capt. makes that announcement, or flight attendant comes by telling you to put that away, well those days are practically over!!

FCC Wants To Make Flights More High-Speed

Airplane WiFi

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to improve Wi-Fi service on airplanes by establishing a new mobile broadband network. The Commission wants to use satellite spectrum to communicate with airplanes which would then improve internet service in the sky.

Boingo Now Accepting This For Payment!!!


Boingo announced this week, it will now accept iTunes payments for Wi-Fi subscriptions. It new Wi-Finder App allows in-app sign up using iTunes account.

NYC Adds Wifi To More Subway Stations


New York City’s MTA announced that starting around 11:00 AM tomorrow, 30 select subway stations will have WiFi and cellphone service underground. Some of the 30 stations are between west 18th to 96th st and included the Time Square area.

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