(Photo) Forget WiFi, Are You Ready For Sat-Fi?!

IFWT_F-iridium-go-Satellite hotspot

I have like 2 Hotspot, My clear for work, cause it works great there and is unlimited, and a Verizon MiFi for trying to catch a signal every where else. BUT if I had a Sat-Fi, that could get a signal ANYWHERE in the world, sign me up!!

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DOPE!!! FAA To Allow Gadgets During Flights Soon!!!


Tell me you never thought that rule was complete BS?! When the Capt. makes that announcement, or flight attendant comes by telling you to put that away, well those days are practically over!!

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FCC Wants To Make Flights More High-Speed

Airplane WiFi

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to improve Wi-Fi service on airplanes by establishing a new mobile broadband network. The Commission wants to use satellite spectrum to communicate with airplanes which would then improve internet service in the sky.

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Boingo Now Accepting This For Payment!!!


Boingo announced this week, it will now accept iTunes payments for Wi-Fi subscriptions. It new Wi-Finder App allows in-app sign up using iTunes account.

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NYC Adds Wifi To More Subway Stations


New York City’s MTA announced that starting around 11:00 AM tomorrow, 30 select subway stations will have WiFi and cellphone service underground. Some of the 30 stations are between west 18th to 96th st and included the Time Square area.

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Some Android User May NEED This App!

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless has a new Wi-Fi+ app available from users to download through the Google Play store. It can make a big difference in how you experience your Republic smartphone service. From downloading apps to surfing the web, texting, talking and more-Wi-Fi helps you do it all while saving a boatload of money!

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Are You Going To Trust Google’s Free Wifi????


Google is plannig on setting up free wifi hotspots in the Chelsea, a New York City area. It would give people in the area free area which would be very easily accessible. The only problem is how safe would the wifi be for the area, im sure in an open wifi zone users would be vunerable to hackers looking at bank accounts, password info and looking at email. “In a world of increasing connectivity, we should absolutely assume that consumers will perform the same types of financial and commercial transactions on free Wi-Fi networks as they would from a paid service or secure home network,” David Britton, vice-president of industry solutions at 41st Parameter, told SecurityWatch.With this potential risk would you use the wifi in the area?

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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FCC Closer To Aircraft Internet-Access Approval


The fight over internet access on aircrafts is about 20 years old now, and still no solution. There has yet to be proof of an aircraft crash resulting from cellular signal interference, or similar issues. A change like this needs to be signed off and approved on a government level just to see a little change in process. It’s not something that will just happen over night, but the FCC just sped the process up a lot!

Tat Wza

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Republic Wireless Introduces Hybrid Wi-Fi Calling [Video]


The capabilities of smartphones grow by the day; sometimes over night we develop next gen technology. Most of the time, its a new angle or approach on something that has been around for some time. With how crazy the mobile industry has grown, the possibilities are endless. Even if you were looking to harness Wi-Fi as cellular signal. Republic Wireless is in the Beta stage of a hybrid technology that could take the wireless industry by storm. Jump for details & video on how to take advantage…

Tat Wza

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Auto: BMW Will Have Wi-Fi Built Into Cars: This Is HOT


Imagine being in your car and desperately needing some type of internet or wi-fi connection to finish an important project or send a bunch of files and you don’t have a hotspot available. Well for consumers in Europe this week, and soon here in the U.S., that will never be a problem again if you own a BMW. Check the full story after the jump.

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