(Video) Material Girl: Zendaya Is New Face Of Madonna’s Clothing Line!

zendaya is new face of material girl

Looks like Zendaya is having the best week ever. Fans learned that that the Disney star was picked to play the late singer, Aaliyah, in a biopic and now it has been announced that she will be the new face of Madonna’s clothing line, Material Girl. To check out behind the scenes footage of Zendaya’s photoshoot for Material Girl, click below.

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(Photos) Is Charlie Sheen Getting Married For The 4th Time??

A proud stance at the alter, is in the future for Charlie Sheen! The three time divorcee is getting married again! This time to the former adult star Bret Rossi! Check out pics of the two, and the rocky ring!

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(Photos) Winning! Who Was Charlie Sheen Caught Lip Locking?

Charlie Sheen may still be on his winning streak. Recently the actor was caught lip locking with porn star, Brett Rossi, while on vacation in Mexico. The couple definitely had no problem with their public display of affection on the balcony of their Cabo San Lucas villa. Sheen must have a thing for porn stars, he’s also dated Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly. To see pictures of his lip locking session, click below.

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(Photos) Is THIS Joe Budden’s New Squeeze?! He’s A Lucky, Lucky Man!!

Joe Budden's New Squeeze

Another day, another banger for Joe Budden. Recently the rapper was pictured with a curvy lady friend, Brianna Bette, who is rumored to be his new boo thang! He must have that good ol’ G. Please don’t be selfish and tell us how you do it Joey! To check out the new lady in his life, click below.

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(Check The Pics!) Charlie Sheen Has 3 New Girlfriends…And They’re All Porn Stars, Of Course!

Charlie Sheen and his new angels

Say it with me…”Winning!” Charlie Sheen is back to his interesting antics, but the Goddesses are long gone. Now in place are three new porn-star girlfriends, who have been dubbed his “Angels.” Cute. JL, JJ and CS all joined Charlie in Hawaii recently for a vacation, and clearly he is enjoying this. The ladies are all apparently living with the actor in his L.A. pad as well. Got to love it! More pics in the gallery.

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2013 Oscars: “Lincoln” Wins Best Production Design!!!


Congrats to “Lincoln” for Winning Best Production Design!

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(Photos)Tech Talk Event: Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Note II In NYC, Kanye West Performs Dope Show!!

Featured Samsung Galaxy Note

Last Night Samsung went all out in NYC, Introducing the Galaxy Note II at a Very Live Event!! Very energetic, with massive amounts of units for all your hands on needs, Open bars, Music, and an Great Lengthy Performance by one of the Hottest Dudes in Hip Hop right Now, Kanye West!!! I have to say, Samsung put on one Hell of an event!!!! Hit the Jump for a few More details, then hit those little red arrows to cruise through the gallery of How the Event went Down!!

I was Really impressed at the Event last night, although there were spending a pretty penny to make it so, It seemed well worth every Penny!!
The event was held in the Main Post office on 33rd and 8th Ave, Lots of Lights and Colors, and the Best part(to me), there were Lots of Women that were there to see Kanye of course, but as part of the Techie/Entertainment(tastemakers) Industries, I think they knew they weren’t gonna leave with him, So I was happy to see them!! Usually, it’s All dudes, which in that world is not necessarily a pause, the true Techie community is about the thought, So All Men is ok, it’s about the technology, But the Techie Men still Love Women 0_0
Hands On the Galaxy Note II(I Dubb thee GN2) was Pretty Dope, but almost as good was to see the Galaxy Camera…That could Really Change the Point N Shoot to SLR Camera Markets!!!!

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Charlie Sheen Is Still WINNING!

Who needs Two and a Half Men? Charlie Sheen’s comedy series, Anger Management, has been renewed for 90 episodes. FX, the carrying station, announced that the show’s high ratings earned the renewal. This proves one thing, Charlie is still WINNING! Click below to read more.

Funk Flex

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Oldest Flight Attendant Makes Guinness World Records

IFWT_Flight A

Did you know that the oldest flight attendant was eighty-three-years-old and he just retired from American Airlines last weekend? Boss. Hawaiian native, Ron Akana has just landed a placement in the Guinness World Records book for being the oldest flight attendant ever! Not only was he the oldest but the first male flight attendant too. Winning all around. Read more below.

Funk Flex

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Charlie Sheen Admits The “#Winning” Phase Was Just Him In Denial


Whoa, this is a pretty big confession! Charlie Sheen has opened up in the new issue of Rolling Stone, and admits that his whole crazy #winning phase in 2011 was merely the byproduct of a meltdown…not a win. See what he had to see below.

Marisa Mendez

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