(Video) WOW: Woman & Her Dog Rescued In Louisiana!

Louisiana is experiencing yet again another natural disaster, as street flood and people are forced to evacuate their homes. While some are successfully leaving the flooded city, others are getting stuck. Hit the jump to see this miracle.

(Video) Woman Jumps In Front Of Moving Car To Try And Win Big

People will do anything to try and make a quick buck! In a recent video, we see a woman literally throw herself into a moving vehicle to try and get some money. Yeah, nice try lady.

(Video) SMH: Louisville Jail Tries To Humiliate A Black Woman By Bringing Her Into Court With No Pants; Judge Is Outraged

A Louisville jail tries to humiliate a black woman by walking her into court with no pants on. The judge calls someone on her phone demanding answers as to why the jail refused to give this woman any pants or feminine hygiene products. She also demands people in her court find this woman something to cover up with. This woman’s sentence is also reduced.

(Video) A Homeless Woman Robs A Bank Just To Go Back To Prison

Linda Patricia Thompson figured robbing a bank and going to prison is by far better than being homeless. Cheyenne, Wyoming police responded to a bank robbery call. Upon arrival they found Thompson sitting on the curb waiting to be arrested.

(Video) Woman Runs Her Husband Over With An SUV

Crazy. A surveillance video captures a woman running over her husband on purpose. The man did not make it out okay as he dies. Peep this! The woman is now being convicted of involuntary manslaughter. How?

(Video) A Woman Makes A Man Get On His Knees And Apologize For Talking About Black People

In a recent video we can see a woman of color making a man bow down and apologize to her for talking about African-American people. The woman says she will not tolerate the disrespect.

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