(Video) White Florida Women Screams Racial Slurs And Aims Gun At Black McDonald’s Customer

A women has recently been arrested at a McDonald’s in the River City Marketplace Friday after she pointed a gun at mcdonalds customer. 47-year-old Charles Daniels was at a McDonald’s drive thru when 55-year-old Mary Ulman started to honk at him. Ulman started to call Daniels inappropriate names.

White House Supports Military Draft For Women

2016 stuff… women may be eligible for a draft if we have to go to war.

(Photo + Video) Topless Women Arrested For Protesting; Trump Gets Booed At His Own Poll Site

Alot of us are truly fed up with Donald Trump. Some people are choosing to protest up until the very end. Two New York women showed up to Trump’s poll site topless to protest. Others showed up to not only vote, but to boo the candidate once he showed up and left the site.

(Video) White Rapper Spits Bars For Yandy Smith Then Gets Checked For Calling Black Women B*tches

Yandy Smith and Jay Morrison ran into a young man by the name of ‘cloudy’ while valet parking. Cloudy told Yandy he had bars. Being the person Yandy is, she allowed the man to spit his bars and she actually liked what she heard.

(Photo + Audio) Donald Trump Gets Caught Making Harsh Comments About Women In A 2005 Audio

Donald Trump is in the hot seat once again. There is now a 2005 audio out of Trump talking super harsh about women. Trump was talking to Billy Bush while on his way to a ‘Days of our Lives’ segment.

(18+ Video) UMM…. A Performer Asks Strangers To Fondle Her For Women’s Rights?! [NSFW]

Do you think activists take it too when they try to get a message across? A performer travels around Europe allowing strangers to fondle her private areas, in an effort to promote women’s rights. Hit the jump to watch the weird clip.

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