(Photos) Saudi Prince Offers Kim Kardashian $1M Per Night…. Indecent Proposal?

Saudi Prince offers Kim Kardashian $1M per night. Adel Al-Otaibi, posted the proposal in the comment section on one of Kim Kardashian-West’s selfie pics. “I’m Saudi and I’ll pay you one million per night Mai,” Whats does Kanye have to say about this Arabian prince wanting a private evening with his wife? who’s going to baby sit baby North?…. Just saying.

Yes Sir! Kendrick Lamar To Perform On SNL!

Since the release of Kendrick’s self-loving track, “I” now has a visual, why not shoot out a reminder that for the third time, he’ll appear on Saturday Night Live? Check out the jump for more.

(Video) David Blane Tricks Kanye, Jada, Will Smith & More!!!

David Blane is at it again, this time tricking some of our favorite celebs with a gory and very intense magic trick! During his ABC ‘Real Or Magic’ 90 minute special, Blane left the likes of Kanye West, Woody Harrelson and more down right speech less as he gouged himself, hit the jump for the full clip!

Big Name Actors Sign Onto 9/11 Conspiracy Film

Some big name actors have signed onto be part of the cast of the upcoming 9/11 conspiracy film, September Morn. The movie will be hitting theaters sometime in 2013 and will focus on some very controversial conspiracies surrounding that fateful day. Martin Sheen, Woody Harrleson, Ed Asner, and more will be part of the cast of the “truther” film that will be filmed at the same location that 12 Angry Men was filmed. Read more information below. Julie A.

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