NFL: President-Elect Donald Trump Naming NY Jets Owner Woody Johnson as Ambassador to the U.K.

Apparently, the only requirement you need to get an official appointment from president-elect Donald Trump is have given him money.  New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, a longtime friend and financial backer of Trump, appears to have been chosen to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

(Video) NFL: It’s Over… Panthers’ Owner & Jets’ Owner Both Dabbin After Wins

Cam Newton was originally crucified for dabbin but now news anchors and even NFL team owners are doing it.  Both the Carolina Panthers’ owner and New York Jets’ owner were both dabbin after their teams won this past Sunday.

NFL (Report): Woody Johnson Was Nearly Paralyzed After He Drunkenly Did This!

See this is why I don’t drink.  Too many bad things can happen…or fun depending on how you look at it. Lol.  Well lucky for Jets’ owner Woody Johnson, things ended up being ok after he got drunk and had a little accident.  It could have been really bad for the guy.  Check out what happened according to a new book coming out…

NFL: Darrelle Revis Responds To Jets Trade Rumors!

Earlier today reports came out that Woody Johnson wants to explore a possible trade involving Darrelle Revis.  We’ve also been hearing that Rex Ryan doesn’t want Revis to go anywhere, which makes sense because in the past he said that he wanted Revis to be a Jet for life.  Well Revis heard about the rumors and took to Twitter to address it. Check out what he had to say… GameTimeGirl

NFL (Report): Jets Owner Woody Johnson Said That Tim Tebow Was “Forced” on Him

Damn. If Tebow would have prospered (for lack of terms) with the Jets, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be hearing this song and dance from Jets’ owner Woody Johnson. Check out what he reportedly said about Tim Tebow now. GameTimeGirl

NFL: Jets Owner Says Tim Tebow Will Be With The Jets For 3 Years

Well this should make Tebow fans happy, but for us non-Tebow fans not so happy…that means 3 more years of ESPN covering him nonstop. SMH. Jets owner Woody Johnson says backup quarterback Tim Tebow will “be with us for three years,” and also backs struggling starter Mark Sanchez. GameTimeGirl

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