NFL (Report): Jets Owner Pushing For Tim Tebow To Start

You’d think the Jets couldn’t be any more of a circus than they already are. You could be wrong, depending on whether Woody Johnson gets his (reported) way with respect to the quarterback situation. GameTimeGirl

NFL: Jets Owner Woody Johnson Chooses Mitt Romney Win Over Winning Season From Jets

The circus continues. Jets owner Woody Johnson, in a Monday appearance on Bloomberg Television’s Market Makers, addressed whether he prefers a win by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney or a winning season from Johnson’s Jets. GameTimeGirl

NFL: Jets Owner Woody Johnson Thinks You Can Never Have Too Much Tebow

Really Woody?  I think there’s a lot of people that may disagree with you sir! It’s a good thing Woody Johnson isn’t calling the plays on offense. His “publicity stunt,” as Joe Namath puts it – Tim Tebow — would get the ball a whole lot. Sabrina B.

NFL: Jets Owner Wants To Be Clear That Tim Tebow Trade Was a ‘Football’ Move

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said Sunday that Tim Tebow’s off-field popularity was not the reason his team traded for the quarterback, strongly emphasizing that the deal with Denver strictly was a football move.

NFL: Jets Owner Woody Johnson Says They ‘Passed’ on Peyton Manning

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Who needs Peyton Manning when we’ve got Mark Sanchez? That, essentially, was how Jets owner Woody Johnson put it, explaining the recent flirtation with Manning and decision to extend Sanchez’s contract. 

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