(Video) Gasp… Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having A Small…

No jokes or puns on this one. Real talk, the news gets weirder everyday. This time, a mother has a small issue with her son that turns into a huge tragedy. More details of this bizarre story after the jump.

(Video + Photos) Massacre: Government Kills 72 People

Find out the troubling details after the jump.

Palestine Wins State Status After U.N General Assembly Landslide Vote!

This is great news for Palestine, it finally won state status after a United Nations landslide vote! More than 130 countries voted in favor, less than 10 voted against. Click below for all the details! Melissa Nash

Oh no! Not Prince Harry!

On the heels his ASSets getting unwanted worldwide attention in Las Vegas, Prince Harry is back at work in Afganistan on a four month tour where he is getting even more unwanted attention. This time, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban is singling out the Prince to “get rid of him.” Read more below. FunkMasterFlex

(*Warning*Graphic*Photo)U.S. Soldiers Pose With Bodies Of Suicide Bombers In Afghanistan

The Los Angeles Times released a set of photos that appear to show U.S. troops in Afghanistan posing with the remains of suicide bombers. An American soldier released the photos to the LA Times “on the condition of anonymity.” Click below to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex

Massive Pink Diamond Discovered In Australia, Worth Over $10 Million

A massive rough pink diamond has been unearthed in Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. At 12.76 carats, the remarkable find is said to be the largest stone ever discovered in the country and is expected to sell for up to $10.6 million. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

$1.8 Million Worth Of Weed Seized In Ireland!!!!

Irish police seized 240 kg (528 lbs) of cannabis resin in Dundalk, Ireland, just 51 miles north of Dublin. The cannabis was first found when police stopped a van in the town on Wednesday afternoon. Click below to find out more. @WiLMajor

As The World Population Reaches 7 Billion Tomorrow, Find Out What Number Of The 7 Billi You Were!!!

The world population is set to reach 7 billion by tomorrow (Monday Oct. 31)!! There’s an online counter (not 100% accurate) that can tell you which number of the 7 billion you are!! Apparently I graced this planet as the 5,207,153,117th born 🙂 So cool. Find out what number you are after the jump!! Wendy L.

Tech News: How Open Is The Internet

Even though the United States is a country that  lives on democracy and freedom, it has more Internet censorship than some countries in Africa and South America.  As to what is censored, research found that “blogs” were the most censored content at 20%. @Yungjohnnybravo Tat WZA

BREAKING NEWS: UN approves no-fly zone in Libya!

The United Nations Security Council has just approved a no-fly zone in Libya! The vote took place this evening and of the 15-member council, there were no opposing votes but China, Russia, Germany, India and Brazil abstained. Find out the full story as reported on CNN, after the jump! @iBLONDEgenius

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