Future Is Sitting On 3 R&B Albums Worth Of Material

Future is continuing his reign on trap music, hyping up our own Ebro with the idea of him having 3 r&b albums worth of music stashed away…hit the jump.

(Photos) Demi Moore loses $200,000 Worth Of Clothing

Demi Moore, American thespian, filmmaker, philanthropist, and model, had reportedly lose $200,000 worth of clothing from a burglary.

(Photos) MLB: Crazy! Family Finds Bat Belonging To Babe Ruth In Basement! You Won’t Believe The Value

Imagine going through your basement one day just cleaning things out and instantly having a huge amount of money given to you! That is basically what happened to a family in Massachusetts this week after they discovered a baseball bat belonging to Babe Ruth. Now you don’t have to be a baseball fan at all to know that name and to know anything associated with Babe Ruth usually has a nice value to it. But the value to this Bat was no joke. How about $500,000 worth!! Hit the jump

NBA: Report, New York Knicks Now Worth Close To $3 Billion Dollars After Sale Of Clippers

Knicks owner James Dolan is one happy man right now. It’s not that he has any intention of selling the Knicks anytime soon, but just to know what his team his worth I am sure has him smiling. After the Clippers were sold last week for $2 billion dollars, which was a number much higher than it’s actual worth at the moment, people started to wonder how much some of the more high profile teams are worth as well. Dolan got his answer today when it was revealed the team could be worth as much as $3 billion! Hit the jump.

Well Damn! Britney Spears Is Worth HOW Much?!?!

Ever wondered what all those 90’s teeny-bopper’s current worth is? Well, thanks to official court documents that were released, we gained knowledge of Britney Spears current net-worth… and let’s just say that it’s not too shabby at all! Click below to find out how much the “Opps, I Did It Again” singer is worth.

Police Searching For Thieves Who Stole $1.1 Mill Of What?!?

In Miami, a team of masked men with a fleet of vehicles came and went on the night of June 22nd stealing 752 cases of what??

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