(Video) Wow: 3 Year Old From Iraq Does Doughnuts In A BMW

Great parenting. Well, I guess at least he’s watching him…not to mention videoing for the baby book. Haha this kid has more skills than I’ve seen a lot of adults have at trying to do doughnuts. Guess they teach em young in Iraq? Hit the jump!

(Photos) WOW…Phife Dawg Passes, Fan Says It Should’ve Been Wale…

No respect. This “fan” wished Wale passed away instead of the legendary Phife Dawg. Cold hearted world let me tell ya…a surprise celebrity came to Wale’s aid though! Hit the jump.

Wow…Kanye West’s “TLOP” Parody Album Created By Comedian Dan Bull

Comedian Dan Bull just spoofed Kanye West’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, with his own take on his each song…for the most part. Shade? Trying to capitalize? Or just being himself…you be the judge. Hit the jump.

(Video) Wow: Dude Videos Himself Pissing In Kelloggs Cereal Conveyor Line

Well guess who’s not buying Kelloggs anytime soon? This guy seriously had the idea to not only let off a solid stream into the cereal, but figured hey why not film it? Hit the jump to witness this foolery.

Daam…Bow Wow Gets Roasted On Instagram About Acting Career

They just won’t let Bow Wow (Shad Moss) be him. After posting a picture with actor Michael B. Jordan to his Instagram with a caption on working with the NAACP’s “Best Actor”, the internet had it’s usual fun with ol’ Bow Wow. Specifically poking fun at his less successful hit movies like Lottery Ticket. Hit the jump.

(Video) Tot Too: Here’s Why She Was Naked In The Street [NSFW]

The other day a video of a Spanish couple went viral, it seemed the man was upset with his woman and made her walk naked in the street, but he was speaking in Spanish so it was a little difficult for the average english-only person to understand, but everyone understood ‘You wanna be a Tot, then be a Tot’! Well we might have found out exactly why he felt like she was being a ‘Tot’.

Wow…Man Accidentally Kills Woman During ‘Freaky Sex’

Gunsex? A Florida man is behind bars today after he accidentally shot his role-playing partner during ‘freaky sex’. Read the full story after the jump.

(Video) Man Hid Camera In Gym Locker Room, But Slipped Up How?

It’s one thing to sit around and watch porn all day, but what do you really get out of setting up a camera in a women’s locker room and becoming a modern day Peeping Tom? A man from Massachusetts hid a camera in the female locker room in a 24- hour Planet Fitness! But get this— he accidentally recorded himself setting the camera up! Self-incriminating pervert! Smh! Check out the deets!

Priceless: Manhattan Man Is Suing Who For All The Money On Earth??!!

Now this is ludacris! A Manhattan man by the name of Anton Purisima is suing airport Au Bon Pain for more money than exists in the world. He has named other defendents in the suit, including KMart and the Metro Transit Authority. He’s suing for $2 undecillion (36 zeroes) in damages, which makes this the largest ever suit brought. Do you think he has a shot at winning? HaHa!! Check out these crazy details!

(PHOTO) NBA: Dwyane Wade Still Pushing For WoW Nickname; Rocks Special Necklace

You can’t just nickname yourself…it doesn’t work that way Wade. Lol. LeBron already said from the jump that the nickname is corny and I haven’t heard one person refer to Dwyane Wade as WoW yet.  BUT he is still making a push for it. What do you guys think — should we start calling him WoW?!  I’m sticking with D-Wade for now.  Check out the necklace he was rocking…

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