RZA Reveals The ODB Biopic Is “In Motion”

Thanks to the success of Straight Outta Compton, the doors have opened for a lot of other artists’ stories to be told on the big screen, and one of those stories is that of none other than Ol’ Dirty Bastard. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the late rapper’s cousin and fellow Wu-Tang Clan member RZA revealed that an ODB biopic is finally “in motion.” “I think it’s a great idea, and there has been talk about it,” RZA told the mag. “There are a few wheels in motion with one done by our first cousin Rayshawn. He was the young guy there watching everything that happened. Him and ODB’s wife have been talking and he has a pretty interesting script. I just saw a 12-minute teaser that he shot about a year ago and it felt pretty fucking cool. I watched it and was like, ‘Wow, you may have something here.’ He has the best thing that I’ve seen so far.”

RZA Reveals His Feelings On Martin Shkreli’s Use Of The Wu-Tang Album

There is only one Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Wu-Tang Clan copy, and Martin Shkreli, a man that many hate, is the one that got dibs on the $2 million project. The thing is, Shkreli is currently in police custody following an arrest on federal fraud charges, which leaves many to wonder how the Clan members, RZA specifically, feels about the treatment of the once in a lifetime album. RZA sat down with Bloomberg Business to reveal his sentiments on events that led and followed the sale. “He did mention his love of hip-hop, and I mentioned to him the importance I think this record is,” RZA says about their first meeting in a clip of the Bloomberg segment, which will air tonight [Jan. 6]. “Not even 60 days later, he put in a strong offer.” Drop down bottom for more.

The $2 Million Wu-Tang Album Might Be Up For Grabs Again…

It’s been quite the month for disgraced pharmaceutical exec Martin Shkreli. After his original “claim to fame” was jacking the price of an AIDS/cancer pill from $13.50 to $750 each, he then became known as the guy who purchased the one-of-one, $2 million Wu-Tang album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Reveling in his newfound internet infamy, Shkreli then announced plans to bail out Bobby Shmurda. Things went left shortly afterward, however.

Wu-Tang’s 1-of-1 Million Dollar ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ Album Has Been Sold

Early last year, the Wu-Tang Clan announced that they’d be getting together for a new album, though this time, it’d be much different than any other project they’d worked on. The 31-song Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was revealed to be a one-of-one, and the only way you could hear it would be by forking over a million dollars…or waiting for 88 years. Welp, the option for the former is now gone, so you’ll have to wait the 88 years until its new owner is allowed to release it to the public. Though the buyer has not been revealed, they’ve been identified as a “private American collector,” and it’s said that they paid “millions” for the album. 31 brand new Wu songs and skits is not all they received, however.

(Video) Happy Birthday To The Late ODB!

Russell Tyrone Jones better known as ODB (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) would have celebrated his 47th birthday today. He was one of the founding members of Wu-Tang Clan which first rose to mainstream prominence with their 1993 debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).” Read more after the jump.

Biggie Recorded A Diss Track Against A Hip Hop Icon And We’ll Never Hear It

Biggie’s Engineer from back in the day Jacob yotk spoke in-depth about his friendship with the Legendary rapper in a podcast called ‘Don’t Be Scared’. Hop into the post to find out what Hip Hop Icon Biggie was ready to diss before his death. #IFWT!

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