(Video) WWE: Sting Seriously Injures Neck, Recovery Uncertain

I guess some things in the world of wrestling truly are real. Some of us may remember when the very real death of Owen Hart aired live so that tells you sometimes scripts don’t go as planned. Yesterday during the championship match, Sting suffered a serious neck injury after being powerbombed.

(Video) Sports: WWE Legend Bret Hart Calls Hulk Hogan “Piece Of Sh*t”, Says White Wrestlers Use N-Word Alot

Bret “The Hitman” Hart is not a fan of Hulk Hogan and has no problem making that very clear. Earlier this week, Hart took over TSN’s Periscope account, having an impromptu Q&A session with fans where he had more negative remarks about the Hulkster and also revealed white wrestlers use the “N-word” way too often!

(Video) WWE: Cop Shoots Crazy, Obsessed WWE Fan at the WWE Performance Center

A deputy opened fire on a man outside the WWE’s training center in Orlando, seriously injuring the guy who has a history of bizarre incidents at the WWE.

(Video) Sports: Vice President Hulk Hogan?? Hulk Says He Wants To Be Donald Trump’s Running Mate

Perhaps Hulk Hogan has conveniently forgotten how many people hate him right now. Then again, nothing would surprise me at this point in this day and age. When a cameraman asked Hulk which presidential candidate would he like to wrestle, Hulk flipped it and said the hell with wrestling and says he should have been on the ticket with Donald Trump. He then anoints himself “Vice President Hogan”. Ummm, way to make more enemies Hulkster. Obviously this is a joke and that’s a good thing because he would probably be assassinated in office.

(Video) WWE: Jon Stewart Gets Powerslammed by John Cena on “Monday Night Raw”!

Jon Stewart whose old job was safely positioned behind a desk, never once attacked by a musclebound thug, was powerslammed by John Cena last night … hard.

Sports: Report, WWE Is The REAL Reason Meek Mill Took “Wanna Know” Off Soundcloud

So remember earlier this week when Meek Mill tried to say he was moving on from the beef with Drake? He posted on Instagram and tried to make it seem like he was just done with it and wasn’t entertaining beef of any sorts and just focused on he money. While all of that is fine, especially after how one sided the beef really was once Drake dropped “Charged up” & “Back to Back”, it turns out he had some motivation to move forward and that came courtesy of a “Cease & desist” order from the WWE.

WWE: Divas are Accidentally Named After a Hardcore Porn Series!

The WWE just made a XXX-sized mistake by naming a group of their Divas after a hardcore porn series, which likely directed their fans toward the wrong kind of pile drivers.

(Photo) Sports: Meek Mill Gets Roasted By Wrestling Legend Scott Hall For Disrespecting The Undertaker

Everybody has an opinion about the Meek/Drake beef and I mean EVERYBODY. At this point you all know the backstory so I don’t need to recap but when Meek came back with “Wanna Know” he sampled the music of WWE legend, The Undertaker. The beat was so mean but the song overall didn’t live up to the hype. Apparently another former legend in the ring, Scott Hall, was not happy Meek decided to use the Taker’s theme song and then not come strong with it.

Sports: Possible Legal Trouble For Meek Mill…WWE Is Upset He Used Undertaker’s Music For “Wanna Know”

Meek Mill just continues to be on the wrong side of things in his “beef” with Drake. He started everything, just to get washed by Drake (at least so far) and now even his reply record “Wanna Know” could cause him some unexpected problems from the WWE.

Sports: RIP, Wrestling Legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Dies At Age 61

Sad news from the wrestling world today as WWE legend, Rowdy Roddy Piper passed away today at age 61.

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