Stock Market Reopens After Being Down For 2 Days!!!

Signs of Life, as NYC Slowlt gets back to Business as usual, Well actual Business as the Stockmarket gets back on its feet!! Rumors that the actual trading floor was flooded, But as it reopens, that rumor is put to Sleep, Hit the Jump to see why they closed! Wza

(Photos) Sandys Destruction Of The Tristate Area!!!

There is still plenty of cleaning to do thanks to your girl Sandy!!! But Some Area’s are Def worse than Others, NJ, and Staten Island for sure are Not in a good State!! If you are able to see this, you’re prob are in a space that is better than them :-/ Hit the Jump to see why you should be grateful, And Our Prayers go out to those who lost their life, and we hope those going through pure hell get fixed up ASAP!!! Wza

Gov. Cuomo Updates NY On Recovery Efforts!!!!

As Many are still without power and the temp dropping, People wanting to return to their lives, everyone is in a bad way, But Gov. Cuomo has a message on the process, Hit the Jump!! Wza

Shots, Shots, and More Shots!!! Game and 40 Keep Tweeting!!!

Earlier TMZ broke the story, But Vlad got the Actual tweets, and WE got some more!! The twitter war between Game/40 just keeps going, Hopefully it will not get to another physical altercation!! Hit the Jump. Wza

Oh Oh Oh OK! See How Celebs Dealt With Hurricane Sandy!!!

Everyone Dealt with Sandy differently as she Blasted through the East Coast, Most though took to twitter to show exactly what they were doing, and captured some of your favorite Celebs doing just that!! Wza

Here We Go! Game Responds To 40 Glocc’s Lawsuit…”I’ll Beat Your A** Again”!!!

A few days ago, news broke that 40 was suing game over the summer altercation, Now TMZ reports what Game has to say about it! Wza

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