(Photos) Fetty Wap Brings Both Of His Girlfriends Together

Fetty Wap is out here living the dream. His love life has been a focal point of his career for the last year, as he’s been linked to multiple women in seemingly serious relationships, including Atlanta model Alexis Sky, his hometown girlfriend Yaya, his one-year-old daughter’s mother Lezhae, and reality star Masika Kalysha, who recently welcomed a daughter with him as well.

(Photos + Video) Fetty Wap Celebrates His Birthday With Surprise Party In NJ

Fetty Wap turned 25 yesterday, and celebrated with a surprise birthday bash at his New Jersey home, put together by his longtime girlfriend Yaya. (Fun fact: his 2015 smash hit, “679,” got its name because of his birthday – 6/7/91.) Friends and family in attendance shared footage on Snapchat, and it looked like a good time was had by all. Check out video below and pics in the gallery. That backwoods cake was dope! (Meanwhile, Alexis Sky flew to Jersey to see him and was clearly not invited to the party. There was no shoutout from his daughter’s mother Lezhae either, but his son’s mother, Reese, got to spend his birthday eve with him. As for Masika, she was across the country celebrating her own birthday – but was sure to let Fetty know that she and their daughter love him! The life and times of Mr. Maxwell!)

Fetty Wap’s Love Triangle Got Crazy This Weekend!

Fetty Wap is getting money and getting women, and he’s loving every second of it. So much so, he may be over-indulging a bit too much, but hey – who are we to judge! Over the last week or so, Fetty was down in Atlanta, boo’d up with one of the women often associated with him, former stripper Alexis Sky. The pair were showing off tons of PDA for Instagram, even exchanging kissy-faced “I love you’s” for the world to see. Upon returning home the day after the aforementioned video, however, Fetty purchased a brand new car for his longtime hometown girlfriend, Yaya.

(Photos) Fetty Wap’s Hometown Girlfriend Yaya Gets A Tattoo For Him

Fetty Wap has been spending the last week or so in Atlanta with Alexis Sky (who tattooed his name on her twice recently), but according to his daughter’s mother Lezhae in a now-deleted post, this is only because of a terroristic threats warrant he has in New Jersey – likely stemming from their fight earlier this month. Despite Alexis going to great lengths to show that Fetty is at her home and in her bed, and even insinuated he bought her a new car (before deleting it when people called out the fact that the grill was busted, so it couldn’t have been “new,”) apparently his longtime girlfriend Yaya is unbothered. So much so, in fact, she’s now gone ahead and gotten a tattoo of her own. While sitting in the car that Fetty bought her and wearing a Trap Queen necklace, Yaya showed off the newly-inked “Queen Of The Zoo” on her wrist Instagram last night. These girls need to strive for more! SMH. Pics in the gallery.

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