(Photo) There Is Currently A Statue Of Kanye West as Jesus (Yeezus?) in LA

There is a life-size status of Kanye West as an all-gold Jesus on Hollywood Boulevard in LA right now. This is just in time for the Oscars on Sunday, as the statue is located just a block away from where the awards will go down. Street artist Plastic Jesus is the man behind the statue – named “False Idol” – and tells The Hollywood Reporter that he made it to symbolize Ye’s recent “fall from grace.”

Kanye West Is Now Updating ‘Yeezus’ On Apple Music As Well

Kanye West has continued to update the music on The Life of Pablo since releasing it back in February, and it appears that he’s now decided to do that with some of his former work as well. Fans have noticed that Ye has already made small tweaks to Yeezus, pitching down the words “for my theme song” on the opening of “Black Skinhead,” and cutting out part of the beat when he says, “I might ride around on my bodyguard’s back like Prince in the club” on “Send It Up.” Currently, these changes only exist on Apple Music, but another small change exists across all streaming platforms: on “I Am A God,” the beat cuts out under “y’all better quit playing with God.”

(Video) Yeethoven: Composers Mix Beethoven and Kanye

If there is anything in this world that would fill Kanye’s head more than it’s already filled, I think this would be it. Imagine a world where the musical masterpieces of Beethoven are combined with the innovating “Yeezus”. Well, thats exactly what composers Yuga Cohler Stephen Feigenbaum are doing, giving us the thought-provoking and eye-catching “Yeethoven”.

(Photos) Someone Paid 100k To Have The ‘Kanye Loves Kanye’ Mural Covered

Last month Scott Marsh painted a 20ft mural of the Chi-Town rapper, Kanye West, kissing himself. And now it looks like someone paid 100k to have the mural removed from the side of a building in Chippendale, Sydney. It has been reported that Ye’s team offered Marsh quite a bit of money to take down the mural but Scott Marsh said he will only remove it if Kanye bought a one-off print version, $100,000 and give him a lifetime supply of Yeezy sneakers. Marsh gave Kanye a couple of weeks to buy the print but it looks like Kanye might have paid 100k price tag. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Video) Crazy Fan Interrupts Kanye’s Performance!

Its happening again.. We saw this incident all to many times before. Kanye held a concert in Glastonbury and a wild fan interrupted his performance on stage!

(Photos) Yeezy’s “Bound 2” Is Getting Transformed Into A Kids Book !

Of Course, Yeezus is shocking the masses again with his new venture! Yeezy is transforming “Bound 2” into a Kids book! Cool huh?

(Video) Fabolous Speaks On Media’s Misconception Of “Beef” With Drake

Earlier this year, Rolling Stone published a somewhat controversial interview with Drake, where he seemingly spoke negatively about Kanye West’s Yeezus album. (Drake would later blast the legendary publication, adding that these quotes were “not for the interview portion.”) “There were some real questionable bars on there,” Drake allegedly said to Rolling Stone. “Like that ‘Swaghili‘ line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some sh*t like that.” Though he also clarified that “Kanye’s the reason why I’m here,” and, “I love everything about that guy,” the media tried to paint it as a beef with Ye…and as a shot at Fabolous as well.

(Photo) People Putting Kanye West Pictures On Top Of Christmas Trees

People Putting Kanye West Pictures On Top Of Christmas Trees ? Ok ,So Lets Go Wayyyyyyyy back. All the way back in 2007, Kanye West had asked the internet an eternal question: “I’m a star, how could I not shine?” Now a days in 2015 with Christmas only Around the Corner, he’s giving those stars, well at least the ornamental ones throw on the top of you Christmas trees a serious run for their money with a lot of his fans playing into People Putting Kanye West Pictures On Top Of Christmas Trees .

Kanye West Makes Demands For Crowd To Stand But Two Were Disabled…

Kanye! Kanye! Kanye! The flamboyant rapper sets off a Twitter frenzy when during his Yeezus concert in Australia he insisted the whole crowd stood up and danced. However, two members of the audience couldn’t follow his demands as they were disabled. Read more after the jump…

(Photos) KimYe Love: Kim Kardashian Admits She’s A “Yeezus Groupie”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to be absolutely head over heels for one another. Kimmy Cakes took to her IG account to reveal to the world that she is indeed a YEEZY GROUPIE! It’s always refreshing to see famous couples displaying their love for each other publicly. Check out Kim’s groupie confession in the gallery.

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