YOU ARE THE FATHER! Flo Rida’s DNA Test Reveals He Got Model Pregnant!

Model Natasha Georgetta Williams was not backing down after she sued Flo Rida last year over child support. Not just any type of child support, but “good fortune” child support that is for rich people’s kids. Well DNA results finally prove that Flo Rida… YOU ARE THE FATHER! The results show a 99.99999999% chance Flo Rida fathered the child.

Fashion: Ninteenth Letter Chicago “Paternity Test Tee” of FW14 – Available Now

The paternity test tee from Ninteenth Letter Chicago with the owner also known as Sergio Scott is one of the sickest long-sleeve tees out at the moment and if you haven’t heard of the tee then now you know. The paternity test features the classic saying from Maury “You Are The Father. Very humorous tee yet will obviously keep the eyes on you at any function I bet you. If you walk in a party with the tee on someone is going to ask you where you got it from or compliment you on the concept of the tee. If you would like to purchase you may from the brand’s official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the Paternity Test Tee.

(Video) DAMN! Lindsay Lohan’s Got A Secret Half-Sister…Watch Her Dad When He Finds Out He’s The Father!

Reports came out last year that a woman was after Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael for child support, claiming he’d fathered a love child with her back in the 90’s….while he was still married and in between having children with Lindsay’s mom Dina! In his true fame-whoring fashion, Michael, the alleged mom and the alleged daughter (who’s now 17) went on television to do the paternity test and it turns out…he IS the father! Looks like you have a new sister, Linds! All 3’s reactions are PRICELESS when they find out! Watch it go down below. Marisa Mendez

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