Sprint To Release Exclusive Touchscreen Blackberry !!!!

Sprint was’nt feeling the BB10 touch device so they decided to pass on it, but it looks like the mobile company maybe getting their own exclusive deivce from Blackberry. When Blackberry annonced their Z10 and Q10 devices Sprint confirmed they would only carry the Q10 device only. According to AllThingsD Sprint will be carrying their own all touchscreen device from Blackberry later on in the year. According to the website the device is set to be “follow-on handset”.

Tech Talk Spotlight: Check Out Todays 3/11/13 Top @Viddy Videos

  Peep todays hottest Viddy vids.

Star Trek Into Darkness: A Look At The New Teaser

This weekend was filled with awesome movie trailers ie..MACHETE KILLS and Hangover 3 so now we get a trailer a new teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness made its way to theaters and hit online. Check it out after the break.

Bar In Seattle Bans Google Glass

Google has’nt released its highly anticipated device the Google Glass but it looks the device has already been banned by a bar in Seattle. According to the bars Facebook page the bar will kindly ask the wearer to remove the device or they will be asked to leave. According to the bars owner he’s feels Google Glass doesnt give his patrons the privacy they need in a bar (but people with smartphones taking pics are probably ok??) when enjoying their drinks.  In a radio interview the bar owner said “Part of this is a joke, to be funny on Facebook, and get reaction. But part of it’s serious, because we don’t let people film other people or take photos unwanted of people in the bar, because it is kind of a private place that people go,” said Meinert in an interview with KIRO-FM.

Google’s X Phone Specs Leak!!!!

  Its rumored that Google is working with Motorola on releasing its long talked about Android smartphone called the X Phone (still confused why Google would call it that), but recently supposed specs of the device was released and from the looks of the device it does seem like its going be a bad device at all. A major highlight of the device is the flexible screen which we all thought would be dropping with the Galaxy S4, but looks like Google beat Samsung to it. .7-inch full HD display, a quad-core Tegra 4i processor and a 16-megapixel camera. The device will also reportedly include the latest version of Android, rumored to be called Key Lime Pie, and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera with eye scrolling technology. Purported dimensions are said to be 131.2 x 66.7 x 7.9 mm” which would make it the thinnest smartphone on the market on release. As for the moment no date has been announced by Google or Motorola.  

Samsung Drops Second Trailer For GS IV

Another day another trailer before Samsung annouces their next big device in a couple days to build up more hype Samsung releases another trailer. After the break check what Samsung is teasing us with.

Injustice: Gods Among Us “Lex Luther” Story Trailer

In this trailer Lex Luthor has the option of picking the regime or the choice of teaming up with Batman and crew. What will Lex do, find out after the trailer.

New YouTube One channel layout now available to everyone

It was announced last month that Youtube would roll out One Channel design to a limited number of parter channels. And today the channel layout is currently available to everyone. After the break you can check out a video of the new layout. Youtube also announced they would allow users to opt for a new channel design.

New Angry Birds DLC Has How Many Levels????

If you’ve played previous Angry Bird Games you always wanted more levels when crushed previous levels of the game. Well you might be in luck with the newest DLC available on both PS3 and the Xbox 360 was released earlier today and features The “Fowl Tempered Pack” which has 135 levels. The new pack also has access to Stella, the Pink Bird who can trap enemies in bubbles. The previous DLC called “Anger Management Pack,” released back in December, added 130 new levels and the Orange Bird, so it looks like Rovio 1up themselves with the DLC pack. If your looking to get into the Angry Birds series Rovio is currently offering iPad and iPhone users for free. Previously Rovio sold the game on iTunes for $2.99, but I guess their looking to gain some some new gamers.

No Wireless Charging For The iPhone 5s!!!

Ok so we know Samsung’s Galaxy S IV will have wireless charging when its released, but it looks like Apple will not be releasing its 5s with wireless charging. As usual Apple will not bring anything new to the table when releasing its new device, but they will improve on the internals and a better camera and the are wondering why companies like Samsung are catching up. “We heard 2013 is an ‘S’ year for the iPhone, implying minor design changes with at most the possibility of a fingerprint reader (as well as better cameras, faster processor, and the like), but the design changes to the aluminum shell would need to be significant to make wireless charging possible. So, we don’t think this report is accurate.”

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