A woman wielding a high-heel shoe struck another woman in the eye and beat her friend unconscious early Monday, Dallas police said.

The assault, which police say may have permanently disfigured one woman, occurred about 2:15 a.m. in the garage of an apartment complex in the 5200 block of Belmont Avenue, just off Henderson Avenue in Old East Dallas.

Vanessa Sarmientos, 26, and Jordan Pope, 21, had just arrived after leaving a Dallas nightclub when another car drove up and two women got out, according to a police report.

They recognized the women from an encounter at Wish Ultralounge, where one had punched Pope earlier that night, according to a Dallas police report. The report said the woman was jealous because Pope was speaking to an employee at the Knox Street club.

The driver began cursing at Sarmientos and then struck her in the eye with the heel of her stiletto shoe, police said. Sarmientos ran to the other side of her car to get her purse and dial 911.

The passenger, who was issued a citation in the assault at the nightclub, took a swing at Pope, who fought back, according to a police report.

While the two women grappled, the driver joined in and struck Pope in the head with the shoe, police said. She fell to the ground, and the driver continued to beat her until she lost consciousness, police said.

The passenger then begged Sarmientos not to call police before she and the woman with the shoe got in their vehicle and fled, according to reports.

When police arrived, Sarmientos’ left eye was swollen shut, black and bleeding. She and Pope were taken to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.

Pope was released Monday with staples in her head and extensive bruising, said her father, Bryan Pope. Sarmientos’ condition was unknown.

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